Step 3: Table Unfolded

Picture of Table Unfolded

This view shows the gun cleaning table folded down. At the left of the flat surface, you can see the parts holding area, which is made of 1/8" strips of oak. In the center of the middle area is the magnet. I like to have plenty of magnets around to keep things from getting lost.

The leg is hinged on the right, so that it folds up under the table top, which then swings down. When the whole works is folded up, between the joists, turn-buttons hold it there.

The hinge for the table top is on the left.

Everything is built out of 5/8 plywood and 1x6s, ripped down the middle, and a little oak that I had, and used for the gun holding arms and parts retainer. I tied a piece of paracord from the swing leg to the middle of the table top (which was braced with a second thickness of plywood) to keep it from kicking away from the table. In this photo, the leg looks somewhat plumb, but I actually have it splayed out a little for more leg room.
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