This is an Instructable on how to make a cheap mouse pad from things you probably have around your house/shop. Its something you can make on the road if you need a mouse pad.

Step 1: Materials

You will need....






Step 2: CUT!!!

1. Cut the cardboard to the size you want the pad to be.

2. Cut the cloth so it overlaps the cardboard shape by about a 1/2 inch.

Step 3: Glue and Tape

I did the taping and gluing in the following order.

1. Tape down one side of the cloth to the back of the cardboard.

2. Add glue to cardboard.

3. Tape down the opposite side of the cloth.

4. Cut the cloth where it overlaps.

5. Tape the last two flaps down.

Step 4: Final Touches

I did a few more things to my pad.

1. Cover the back totally with tape.

2. Draw something on it! When I finish, I'll take a picture and upload it.
<p>cheers for the guide which i loosely followed, i used some spray adhesive which i had in my shed, the front of an old football t shirt and some cardboard looks pretty cool instead of paying &pound;30 and upwards for a large mousepad</p>
<p>Awesome tutorial, lost my mousemat somewhere and needed a quick replacement. works a charm. Thanks soooo much</p>
whats the design of? i would like to see a more developed design.
Im just drawing a bunch of random things. I'll add a picture when its done.
<p>8 years!! Still no picture</p>
<p>I used hot glue and using that you can make an engraving</p>
Did it :D<br>Took 5 mins..
its been 2 years since u published this and I still see no picture...
Sorry, I beat halo before I finished it and then my camera went missing.
<p>5yrs, still none</p>
<p>6 years* and I'm still working on it. </p>
<p>btw i am also doing mechanical engineering XD not kidding</p><p>this info is creeping me out</p>
<p>weird that i need to play halo now and i don't have a mouse pad XD man </p>
<p>5 mins Save Me All The Hassle </p>
<p>Step 3.2 &quot;Add glue to cardboard&quot;... I guess that means the front of the cardboard?</p>
I'm sure it was a lot more fun to make the mouse pad than to "just go out and buy one". That's what instuctables is all about, making things, having fun doing it and sharing it with others.
I mostly made it because I needed to play Halo and my parents wont take me into town just to buy a mouse pad.
its a neat idea i am actually going to use part of your idea and make a new cover for my current mouse pad and use spray adhesive to adhere the cloth to the pad, thanks for the idea
Very interesting idea. I have never heard of this before. Out of the box thinking, or would this be considered using the box thinking? Either way cool idea.
Hmm. I think it's top of the box thinking.
why don't you just go out and buy a mouse pad?.... or you could use a peice of cardboard

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Bio: Hi, I'm Ben. I like mechanical engineering, and using free stuff/"junk".
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