Picture of A Quick Laser Cut Sailing Trophy
A quick to make yet impressive looking laser cut Acrylic trophy I made for a scout event, but change the text/logo and it will work for any sailing related event. Instructable by James.
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Step 1: Materials and Equipment

You will need
  • Cardboard for test cuts
  • Corel Draw or Other vector graphics editor
  • 3/8" Thick Clear Acrylic 12"x9" Sheet
  • Perspex cement
  • and about 30 minutes
You will also need access to a Laser cutter which is why I made it at TechShop San Jose on one of their Epilog 60 watt machines. On a smaller machine you may need to do 3 or 4 passes to cut the 3/8" acrylic.

Step 2: Files

Picture of Files
I have included a file for the design I made, it is in Corel Draw format but it could be very quickly recreated in any other vector graphics program.

There are two things to watch. Firstly the slot you cut in the base needs to be really tight.  I made it 0.37".  Also the top of the cut out in the middle is very fine. You might want to extend the horizontal segment I have at the top to make it help release a bit better. Obviously if you are using my file you will need to change the text and graphics.

Step 3: Cardboard Cut

Picture of Cardboard Cut
The first thing is to run a test cut in some scrap cardboard.  The cut is run using settings that are good for cardboard, not for Acrylic which would probably start a fire. Having a test cut is useful both to check the text and graphics look good but also to use as an alignment guide.
Times have changed, when I was in scouts all we got was a cheap ribbon for participating in the regatta races.
That is cool that you have adult leadership to expose you to laser cutters and stuff.