Step 2: Masks

Picture of Masks
A mask is the most important part of your airsoft loadout because it protects your eyes.
You cant play airsoft without your eyes right?
I recomend using a paintball mask at first so you dont have to suffer the painful face shots. They will fog if you don't have defogger.
I also recomend using mesh masks because they dont fog, and provide good protection.
Personally I use mesh goggles and a iron face because i can take off the mask part if it is too hot out.
where can I get a good cheap mask ?

Hunting stores such as fleet farm or Capella's (depending on where you live) should have good masks at a price in the range of 15-25$. I have (haha used to have... Lost a few) 4 JB paintball masks which I bought at a reasonable price for a war. JB paintball/airsoft masks work great, except for the fogging which most full masks do.

Ctholden4 years ago
When my team and i play in kansas city missouri i use a bandana over my mouth and skigoggles (over my eyes) then i use my african bonnie i ve been to my home land an came back with a hat