Step 2: Masks

A mask is the most important part of your airsoft loadout because it protects your eyes.
You cant play airsoft without your eyes right?
I recomend using a paintball mask at first so you dont have to suffer the painful face shots. They will fog if you don't have defogger.
I also recomend using mesh masks because they dont fog, and provide good protection.
Personally I use mesh goggles and a iron face because i can take off the mask part if it is too hot out.
<p>i always use lancer tactical</p>
www.budk.com, worlds greatist site. they have the lowest knife and sword prices. and theyre airsoft guns are of high quality and range from prices 19.99 to 50 dollars.
<p>damnit, there are no high quality rifles for 50 bucks. Not possible.</p>
what about www.airrattle.com?
<p>It's a decent website. Apparently customer service sucks though.</p>
if anyone thinks they can get by going cheap with airsoft, forget it. its not a cheap sport. if you want a cheap sport go play soccer or football or ping pong. airsoft IS NOT cheap (unless use use crap plastic spring pistols and shotguns)
<p>Depends on your definition of cheap. Relative to other sports, yeah. It's expensive. </p><p>But you can actually get a decent gas/co2 pistol for 35 bucks. </p><p>For an auto rifle, the cheapest metal gearbox guns go for 80 dollars.</p>
Tokyo mauri is very good as well
<p>Yeah, but they have limited FPS.</p>
Would a pair of work gloves work for an airsoft war?
<p>Yes, I do use these sometimes. Camo, too.</p>
<p>I'd just like to point that you don't necessarily need a mask (full face), but you definitely need eye protection (although full face protection is definitely recommended)</p>
<p>Also, never use mesh goggles unless you have shooting glasses (or something similar) underneath. You never know what quality of ammo other people are using, and a BB can shatter on impact and still damage your eye(s)</p>
<p>Probably the best gun I own with a good loadout</p>
<p>Did you really just call the tavor 21 ugly? </p><p></p>
That load out looks butt ugly
where can I get a good cheap mask ?
<p>Hunting stores such as fleet farm or Capella's (depending on where you live) should have good masks at a price in the range of 15-25$. I have (haha used to have... Lost a few) 4 JB paintball masks which I bought at a reasonable price for a war. JB paintball/airsoft masks work great, except for the fogging which most full masks do.</p>
CYMA are best for AKs. <br>G&amp;Gs Combat Machine range if you want an M4.<br>SRC for G36s. <br>Good UK sites are Pro Airsoft Supplies, airsoft world, Zero One, Land Warrior, Fire Support, Patrol Base. Don't buy from 'bb gun' sites. That's where all the 11 years olds here buy shitty cheap guns
<p>what's wrong with 11 year olds? i'm one</p>
<p>oh yeah by the way i'm 11!!!</p>
<p>lancer tactical is a great airsoft brand i have one of their ak-74s </p>
What gun are you using in the cover picture(if it is you)?
Sorry, just read the part where you said &quot;The picture IS ME!&quot;.
<p>bullpup tavor</p>
<p>Its field by the way. Not field.</p>
<p>It's It's by the way. Not Its.</p>
Good advice. You forgot to add a few rules in. #2 CALL YOUR HITS, #3 DEAD MEN DON'T TALK. I think a majority of the unreliable sites you mentioned are correct. I personally have purchased from airsoftgi, and although I was satisfied with their products and rewards. I ordered two pistols that were &quot;in stock&quot;, but only one showed up, the other was on back order. I waited two months and it never came. However the refund department was very friendly, and I had my money back promptly, and got to keep the rewards items I selected(2 condor holsters, a hat, and a speed loader. Red Wolf, although expensive, is great too. Good tutorial, shame there are 100 others made by kids, along with instructables on &quot;how to make a holster out of play dough&quot;, or claymores out of mousetraps lmao.
Eyes are replaceable. The only downside is that you can't use replacement eyeballs to see!
Mask optional but you do need full seal goggles.
Have you ever heard of www.airrattle.com?
Airsplat is ok for lower end guns. I bought a UHC super 9 pro from there. The gun itself is not extremely accurate for a sniper, but it is quiet and durable. When it comes to AEGs however, airsplat is probably not your best choice unless you are buying a cheap beginner's gun. I believe it is ok to buy from Airsplat depending on what gun you are buying. If your budget is extremely high then buy from AirsoftGI or something. Hobbytron, on the otherhand...may be a poor choice. But please, can people stop the Airsplat hate? After being through dozens and dozens of games of airsoft in the woods, the things I bought from airsplat has never let me down.
I use .357 rounds..........
I used to use an AGM L96, but I now use a WE M1911 desert warrior with a carbine conversion kit as my primary. It works surprisingly well, but the mags are crazy expensive.
One of the only good guides, I myself am a professional Airsofter, And I'd like to compliment you on your well deciphered guide. This is the only one I've found that makes sense. Thank you!
you look like a swat dude so cool
Echo 1 all the way
AAGrEE! heres mine XD<br>
dude you look sweet
www.Airsplat.com has good bbs and they are CHEEP
what about www.airrattle.com they have some good gear and deals
would it be a bad idea for me too start up my own team? the people i play with have been playing for a while and know what theyre doing.
I started a team with no experience. We all just kinda learned from practice battles and training. Well, own the other team.
yeah dude me and my brother and homeys made up a team
ha LEEROY JENKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
ya dont get mad just dont call ot. jk!! i dont endorse cheating(not saying i dont do it)
Haha thats why your so good because u never yell out haha!
Any places in PA to play close to coatesville???????
Bonzai:<br>Daniel-san to Mr. Miyagi: Oh you mean little plant !?<br><br>\('o')/ So sorry I couldn't help it.<br><br>Nice write up though.

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