this instructable is cheap and easy and really fast!!!   :)
let's get started!!!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
-hot glue gun (with a glue stick in it)

-two wooden spoons

-one sheet of nofmal sized paper

-a small blade
 it's good but you should consider revising
klee27x5 years ago
I hate being the safety guy.

Depending how the glue fails, the tip of the hidden part could swivel out while you're pressing into something. You might consider removing the edge from the bottom half of the blade, before making this.

Or make it like a mini ulu "eskimo" knife. Glue the handles just over the spine, leaving the entire edge exposed and sticking out about 1cm. It would be safer and more useful.
ZOOBREAK (author)  klee27x5 years ago
you have to make sure you put glue on the bottom part of the blade
or maybe dull it with a file
You know, this is a really good idea.  I'm always snapping X-acto blades, and hate holding razors in hand to cut....
Nice and simple - the best way!
ZOOBREAK (author)  valhallas_end5 years ago
thanks,I like mine too