In this instructable i will show you how to make the best papaer airplane i know how. You can make it a stunt plane or a distance plan depemding on hoe=w you make it. Sorry for the pics in advance, bad camera and shaky ands.
If you get confused, pm me, i will try to explain it in more detail and more pics.

(Its my first Instructable so please go easy on me)

Step 1: Supplies

What you need-
<p>great job good plane thanks for the instructions :)</p>
these have bean my favorite planes for years and its good to experiment with how you fold the wings and the best configuration of all is bending the back of the wings up or down to make it fly longer or do loops PS: when the flaps are up the plains back goes down so the nose goes up to make it fly up but doing this to much may make it stall but that's sometimes a good thing
thanks for the tip plus look at this photo
&nbsp;hey umm the points are not sopposed to touch the triangle they are sopposed to be half an inch under it then u fold the triangle over them<br /> <br />
do u have a ps3<br />
you have a lot of typos good plane though<br />
<strong>this plane is really cool </strong><br/>
how do you <em>do</em> <strong>step 6</strong>?<br/>
well yau have a pentagon. now fold it down the middle so you have a 4-sided fiqure. you fold it so that the current point on step 5 is still the point on step six.
ar thanks, but now i know it, i am felling a bit silly about that.
Nice. Looks like an easy plane to do, is it a good glider?
The trick is, but be warned that it will spin and flip and go crazy. the speed doesnt as much glide as slice th air
i mean 4 step 4
just do the same thing on the other side. look at the picture on step 3. well, do that on the other side. if im no help im sry, i dont really understand ur question
i dont get how u fold again at the step 2 need help thxs

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