A couple of month ago I bought a R-PI computer board in a kit that includes the board, the PI camera and a 16 GByte SD card.
I tried around and found that it is a very nice peace of technology.
But I was not able to find a use case for that board.

Last week I have had the idea to build a NAS system for use on conventions and exhibitions to store music, videos and some how to´s on it. In the cardboard there was a glas dome and the idea was born to build a computer with nearly all parts visible.

Step 1: The Parts

Part list:

Picture No. 1
  • Raspberry PI model B with 512 MByte ram
  • Raspberry PI camera
  • 16 GByte SD card
  • WLAN USB stick (TP-LINK TL-WN722N)
  • Freecom 500 GByte USB hard disk
  • 4  - Port USB - HUB (Typhoon)
  • Glasdome 11" high / 6,3" diameter

Picture No. 2
  • 7 Port USB HUB
  • Switch mode power supply, providing +5V switched, +5V permanent, +12V, -12V (VOLTEK SPEC7188B) more infos here: CLICK. The power supply acts like a ATX computer power supply. It provides +5V a a permanent voltage to be used to switch the power supply on and of via a special input wire.

Picture No. 3
  • Vintage lamps, formal used with a 230V neon bulb. I replaced the bulbs by LED bulbs normally used as replacements parts for the 6,3 V bulbs in pinball machines.
  • A bakelite switch to control the power supply
  • A momentary switch to control the ATXraspi circuit.
  • A vintage meter. Used to display the +5V power
Picture No 4.
  • ATXraspi circuit to control power on/off. See here: CLICK

Excellent! Very informative and well-written, many thanks :)
Absolutely awesome. Right down to the neat ventalation holes! <br> <br>Got my vote! <br> <br>Oh and always like to read the comments for more ideas!!
Thank you :-)
I am making a parts list for this awesome and exciting project. <br> <br>HS - will a glass dome 8&quot; by 12&quot; suffice ? <br>I want to make sure all will fit ok.
Good evening. <br> <br>The glas dome is 28cm high and the diameter is 16cm. <br>That means 11&quot; to 6,3 so with your glas dome you are right. <br>I will change my instructables and put the size of the dome in there. <br> <br>
omg very nice... <br>I have one suggestion? :p <br> <br>Line the bottom of the dome box with an enamel paint or silicone. <br>Add a small self contained reservoir in the bottom of the box with an external 2x120mm radiator. <br>Then add a small pump to the reservoir and pipe it to the radiator. <br>Then fill the whole damn thing with Mineral Oil (Paraffin Oil). <br> <br>That would look pretty damn slick.
you would also have to find a way to stop it getting inside the HDD <br>
Or just replace it with a SSD instead.
But Why? <br>Its not hot inside!
For the same reason why you made it in the first place... Because you can :D
this is insane...
Great project! I noticed that your project bears a strong resemblance to the stock tickers of the early 20th century. The ribbon cable looks a lot like ticker tape. Was this intentional or accidental? Up until the 1960's stock prices were printed on a narrow paper tape. During parades the used tape was tossed out of windows hence the name &quot;ticker tape parade&quot;.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ticker_tape
Hi there was no intention :-) <br> <br>The ribbon is the cable to the camera..... <br>I already build a tape ticker: <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/The-amazing-steampunked-Ticker-Machine/ <br> <br>Regards, <br> <br>Horatuis
Maybe the most beautiful server (not just Raspberry Pi). I want to buy one of these, even tho I don't know what I can do with it.
Very nice. Good job
Lots of people have made Pi servers.... but few with such style! Excellent job.
Wow... this may be the sexiest server I have ever seen.
Rad! Got my vote.
amazing, love it!
Very cool.indeed
Very nice project! And again a super build. I love the case.
That is one very cool webserver. Thanks for sharing!

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