Picture of A Raspberry Pi or Mr. Clock-workers server
A couple of month ago I bought a R-PI computer board in a kit that includes the board, the PI camera and a 16 GByte SD card.
I tried around and found that it is a very nice peace of technology.
But I was not able to find a use case for that board.

Last week I have had the idea to build a NAS system for use on conventions and exhibitions to store music, videos and some how to´s on it. In the cardboard there was a glas dome and the idea was born to build a computer with nearly all parts visible.

Step 1: The parts

Picture of The parts
Part list:

Picture No. 1
  • Raspberry PI model B with 512 MByte ram
  • Raspberry PI camera
  • 16 GByte SD card
  • WLAN USB stick (TP-LINK TL-WN722N)
  • Freecom 500 GByte USB hard disk
  • 4  - Port USB - HUB (Typhoon)
  • Glasdome 11" high / 6,3" diameter

Picture No. 2
  • 7 Port USB HUB
  • Switch mode power supply, providing +5V switched, +5V permanent, +12V, -12V (VOLTEK SPEC7188B) more infos here: CLICK. The power supply acts like a ATX computer power supply. It provides +5V a a permanent voltage to be used to switch the power supply on and of via a special input wire.

Picture No. 3
  • Vintage lamps, formal used with a 230V neon bulb. I replaced the bulbs by LED bulbs normally used as replacements parts for the 6,3 V bulbs in pinball machines.
  • A bakelite switch to control the power supply
  • A momentary switch to control the ATXraspi circuit.
  • A vintage meter. Used to display the +5V power
Picture No 4.
  • ATXraspi circuit to control power on/off. See here: CLICK

misteright1 year ago
Excellent! Very informative and well-written, many thanks :)
clazman1 year ago
Absolutely awesome. Right down to the neat ventalation holes!

Got my vote!

Oh and always like to read the comments for more ideas!!
Horatius.Steam (author)  clazman1 year ago
Thank you :-)
giovanni681 year ago
I am making a parts list for this awesome and exciting project.

HS - will a glass dome 8" by 12" suffice ?
I want to make sure all will fit ok.
Horatius.Steam (author)  giovanni681 year ago
Good evening.

The glas dome is 28cm high and the diameter is 16cm.
That means 11" to 6,3 so with your glas dome you are right.
I will change my instructables and put the size of the dome in there.

Sovaka1 year ago
omg very nice...
I have one suggestion? :p

Line the bottom of the dome box with an enamel paint or silicone.
Add a small self contained reservoir in the bottom of the box with an external 2x120mm radiator.
Then add a small pump to the reservoir and pipe it to the radiator.
Then fill the whole damn thing with Mineral Oil (Paraffin Oil).

That would look pretty damn slick.
Roshy10 Sovaka1 year ago
you would also have to find a way to stop it getting inside the HDD
Sovaka Roshy101 year ago
Or just replace it with a SSD instead.
Horatius.Steam (author)  Sovaka1 year ago
But Why?
Its not hot inside!
For the same reason why you made it in the first place... Because you can :D
eserra1 year ago
this is insane...
Johnkaye1 year ago
Great project! I noticed that your project bears a strong resemblance to the stock tickers of the early 20th century. The ribbon cable looks a lot like ticker tape. Was this intentional or accidental? Up until the 1960's stock prices were printed on a narrow paper tape. During parades the used tape was tossed out of windows hence the name "ticker tape parade".http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ticker_tape
Horatius.Steam (author)  Johnkaye1 year ago
Hi there was no intention :-)

The ribbon is the cable to the camera.....
I already build a tape ticker:



prakis1 year ago
Maybe the most beautiful server (not just Raspberry Pi). I want to buy one of these, even tho I don't know what I can do with it.
Very nice. Good job
Beenay251 year ago
Lots of people have made Pi servers.... but few with such style! Excellent job.
Wow... this may be the sexiest server I have ever seen.
ahorn81 year ago
Rad! Got my vote.
amazing, love it!
black581 year ago
Very cool.indeed
janw1 year ago
Very nice project! And again a super build. I love the case.
ynze1 year ago
That is one very cool webserver. Thanks for sharing!