Step 3: Ugly Into Beautiful

Plastic pots: some of them were from the garden center- they give you these horrible black pots, but some are really sturdy and you'd like to keep them if they weren't black (because I live in HOT TEXAS- black pots mean cooked plants). The other pots were just ones that I had. I tried painting with leftover latex paint (brown to match the house) and it worked OK, but wanted something a little better. I have an instrucable about this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Faux-metal-planters

I took an old wheelbarrow that the tray was getting too rusty and made it into a garden planter.

When we had a tree come down during a recent hurricane, the stump was left. As the tree had a large rotten place , instead of letting the trunk just sit there, I planted stuff in it.
mask idea is really great; thanks!!!
You're welcome- let me know if you do it. I teach art and use this with my students all the time.
If I had a long-lost twin, she would be you! ;-)
Thanks! By the way did you see the nachos challenge? Might be right up your alley.
Oh, yes... my Hubby will be so tired of nachos by tomorrow night! He may never eat another tortilla chip as long as he lives. >;-D
Great projects!
Thank you!
Thank you so much for sharing! I loved this! The title was catchy and caught my attention.
I'm so glad I'm following you! And thanks for giving us a collage of some of your projects in this article!
Nice collection of projects--GREAT title, BTW.<br>

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