Step 3: Ugly into beautiful

Picture of Ugly into beautiful
Plastic pots: some of them were from the garden center- they give you these horrible black pots, but some are really sturdy and you'd like to keep them if they weren't black (because I live in HOT TEXAS- black pots mean cooked plants). The other pots were just ones that I had. I tried painting with leftover latex paint (brown to match the house) and it worked OK, but wanted something a little better. I have an instrucable about this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Faux-metal-planters

I took an old wheelbarrow that the tray was getting too rusty and made it into a garden planter.

When we had a tree come down during a recent hurricane, the stump was left. As the tree had a large rotten place , instead of letting the trunk just sit there, I planted stuff in it.