A Real Nasty Stink Bomb!





Introduction: A Real Nasty Stink Bomb!

Here's something from me that's a bit different, a stink bomb with some nasty ingredients and a surprise ending. I could not find one on Instructables so I decided to add this one.

Step 1: What You Need...

1. Human hair, or if you don't have enough like me, use your cat or dog.
2. Big rubber bands like you find on broccoli. They work great because they usually have borccoli residue on them.
3. A bunch of sparklers, the bigger the better for the inside and a regular one for the fuse.
4. A sheet of newspaper
5. Matches or a lighter

Step 2: Build It...

Get yourself a good handful of hair, either from yourself or a willing particpant. Crush up a few sparklers and put them in a safe storage spot. Now lay out the piece of paper, add the sparkler bits, and the hair and roll up the newspaper tightly and secure with two rubber bands.

Step 3: Fuse It

Cut a small hole in one end of the package and insert a sparkler, lay it on the ground and light the sparkler.

TIP:Put on your gas mask.

This is a very basic but really effective stinker. The hair, combined with the sulfur from the sparklers and the rubber is putrid. Have fun, Be Safe!



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    I also lit it in my house.. mom got pissed at me

    Wonder What I Can Do With A Stink Bomb...HeHeHe

    This is awesome! I have some REALLY nasty people next door so this is perfect!!!
    HE HE HE HE HE!!!

    i lite one in my house and my mom got really pissed at me. XP

    You lit one in your House.......I hope you have a death wish...

    Yes, I lit one in my house, and after that, my mom did kill me, but I was brought back to life by the awesome powers of Instructables. Thanks Instructables!