Picture of A Real Nasty Stink Bomb!
Here's something from me that's a bit different, a stink bomb with some nasty ingredients and a surprise ending. I could not find one on Instructables so I decided to add this one.

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Step 1: What You Need...

Picture of What You Need...
1. Human hair, or if you don't have enough like me, use your cat or dog.
2. Big rubber bands like you find on broccoli. They work great because they usually have borccoli residue on them.
3. A bunch of sparklers, the bigger the better for the inside and a regular one for the fuse.
4. A sheet of newspaper
5. Matches or a lighter

Step 2: Build it...

Picture of Build it...
Get yourself a good handful of hair, either from yourself or a willing particpant. Crush up a few sparklers and put them in a safe storage spot. Now lay out the piece of paper, add the sparkler bits, and the hair and roll up the newspaper tightly and secure with two rubber bands.

Step 3: Fuse it

Cut a small hole in one end of the package and insert a sparkler, lay it on the ground and light the sparkler.

TIP:Put on your gas mask.

This is a very basic but really effective stinker. The hair, combined with the sulfur from the sparklers and the rubber is putrid. Have fun, Be Safe!
benpe034 months ago

how 'bout makin' one without FIRE!!@_@

bobsley1239 months ago
Pee yoo
sanagol4 years ago
it dosent smell put it shore lit the house on fire and im not kiding if u want i kan sen the bill to you for my sisters burnt door
First I question your thinking in trying this inside in the first place.But if want to try it again you can a great stink using (organic rubber) bands that are normaly a light tan flesh color.If your not sure pull it between your fingers and it will smell like the inside of an athelets shoe.It will stink bad.If its an oil based rubber it will smell like a tire or new inner tube.Also these fumes might be dangerous to some people.Try not to break the sparkles up any more than you can help.I also would avoid using printed newspaper,craft paper or an old paper grocery bag is better.You want to gross your friends out and not really hurt them do we?And finally again this can be VERY dangerous inside any building and always put something between you an any thing that might go wrong...even if its just eye protection.
sheldonr3 years ago
do you have to use the broccoli rubber bands or can you use a sheet of rubber and stick it inside the stink bomb.
mrwaffles23 years ago
if you cant use fire just let grass sit in a dixie cup for a while and boy it smells
rockgod574 years ago
I love you cats
chemguy4 years ago
nice kitty lol
11richie215 years ago
what if you add dry poop lol
XOIIO5 years ago
Great! Brilliant idea!
bloke20225 years ago
The more rubber bands, the larger the fireball. I used 10 rubber bands and lots of hair. The sparkler or sparkler powder is not necessary at all, as all you have to do is hold a lighter to the rubber bands and it will make a fireball that stinks.
Scotish6 years ago
i have a mega combo!!, put 3-5 cut up ping pong balls with matchheads & Sparklers then let it rip to have a stinky smoke bomb
the fumes could kill you and also the fumes from the rubber bands
 what about scotch tapes?
knektek5 years ago
instead of using newspaper you an use a sock ( it has to be a gym sock ) to amylify the stench.
i have a husky AND he was recently sprayed by a skunk AND we never got to use the sparklers this year. its like i was supposed to make this....or 5 of them.....or...more...
bighead54545 years ago
heh heh heh tie 2 together split a firework fuse down the middle and insert each end into each little package and RUN
bighead54545 years ago
i lite one in my house and my mom got really pissed at me. XP
You lit one in your House.......I hope you have a death wish...
Yes, I lit one in my house, and after that, my mom did kill me, but I was brought back to life by the awesome powers of Instructables. Thanks Instructables!
do i really need sparkelers?
Only if you want it to explode?
you need the sparkler powder to make it burn well.
Yes, burn well.......*Coughty Cough*
oblatsky5 years ago
it smell veddy bad i hate it stench but it fun
ScienceMMM5 years ago
Most impressive. Do different kinds of hair have different smells when burned?
bumpus6 years ago
Kipkay (author)  bumpus6 years ago
That's Tux!
don't you have a cat named Domino too?
He does.
bumpus Kipkay6 years ago
Great name for a cat!
awang8 bumpus6 years ago
Haha... The pizza shop's called Dominos.
volquete6 years ago
cool! can't do it in school though, but i've seen non-lightable stink bombs u can would i make one?
Derin volquete6 years ago
Try Berkin's stink spray and put into something to release the stench...
Derin6 years ago
WARNING:THE CONTENT BELOW IS A JOKE.VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. Somebody's going to get stinked when I get angry. WARNING:THE CONTENT BELOW IS AN EXPLANATION. You know,people rip their hair out when they are angry....
mman15066 years ago
they removed the vid
lemonie6 years ago
Can you try this with dried egg? We once pegged a fried-egg on a washing line until is was hard and dry (the white bit went translucent). My sister destroyed it on a barbecue where it produced a nasty eggy-stink and we wished she hadn't... L
dcmania216 years ago
i kinda used rubberbands, dog hair, and some hair from my body..........u know what im talkin bout?!?
foxtrot46976 years ago
put match heads inside the bomb and a more surprise..... ending
grevious6 years ago
no offence, but this is twisted and weird.

Kyda grevious6 years ago
the same thought ran through my head...
grevious Kyda6 years ago
lol i still havent made this :D i have plans to though :D
i made one already with two ajustments. 1couldn't find any rubber bands 2i just trimmed my finger nails... it stinks
Dr. Cool6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
awang8 Dr. Cool6 years ago
Excuse me... Kipkay?
Dr. Cool awang86 years ago
how did you make your fuse. It was awesome
Salvaged from smokebomb
lol its funny how u threw all the matchheads like if u were pissed Hey! uhh what works better matchheads or sparklers?????
The matchheads were just a substitute,so use sparklers if you can.
okay thx
kicker1096 years ago
Describe the smell pleez
Rotten fish, except with the odd burnt smell. Or you can describe it as burnt rotten fish.
FabisMaggot6 years ago
i'm going to do it... but is it secure? thanks dude
sparky236 years ago
wow! awesome! i love it det one of at school
pokiespout6 years ago
Fantastic! I have long hair and I shed a lot. Look out, everybody else in the neighborhood!
halberdear6 years ago
hehe im using normal white paper instead of the newspaper,tho mabe burning the ink on the newspaper might make it stink more...i dont have any news paper :p
QwertyuioLP6 years ago
Sweet camp fun time!!! faved
gigi676 years ago
If you want a real stink, add a narrow strip of wool fabric to the middle.
since wool is basically hair, i don't think it would make that much of a difference.
Scotish6 years ago
I think its great!! I had in idea, put the stink bomb in a tin can, put a few holes in the lid, then when you light it, it can be thrown across the fence or something!!!
Bartboy6 years ago
Nice !
IX Smith XI6 years ago
you could do is rap it in foil leave a hole at the top.
Kipkay (author)  IX Smith XI6 years ago
Not sure if the foil will burn. I like the idea that the paper burns too and leaves a big nasty burnt mess.
mweston Kipkay6 years ago
I think what was meant was that wrapping it in foil will contain the ingredients while it burns. Then the hole will let all the smoke out in a concentrated form. But it seems like having no oxygen being able to enter will hinder the burn. anyway, who doesn't like a giant gross mess :-P
Kaelessin6 years ago
This is totally despicable and disgusting . . . .cant wait to try it out!!!
Awesome! I already know that fireworks/ sparklers smell, and hair smells even worse (when burnt), and I have everything to do this. Great Instructable, I might try this out. Thanks! +5/5 stars.
pyro136 years ago
Ewww. I caught my hair on fire once firebreathing, and that smelt nasty, this is probably worse.... awsome!
IX Smith XI6 years ago
I bet not unless it burns at a high tempt but I bet it wont be a problem. =/
ac1D6 years ago
kipkay! we love you!
Kipkay (author)  ac1D6 years ago
Thanks my friend!
Dr. Cool6 years ago
Another nice one KipKay! I think you should add that you can scrape of the powder from the top of the match heads for a substitute for the sparklers.
Kipkay (author)  Dr. Cool6 years ago
Good idea! The more ammo the better! ha ha Thanks