Introduction: A Really Simple Cute Face

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This may seem really simple but it's an ace face to draw on a proper picture so I hope u like it :-)

Step 1: Equipment

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All you need is:
A pencil

Step 2: Really Really Really Simple

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Just draw a circle, I know it sounds simple but does it really matter?

Step 3: Still Simple

Picture of Still Simple

Add a face just 2 big circles for eyes and a happy mouth!

Step 4: Step 4

Picture of Step 4

Add a nose and curves at the top of its mouth

Step 5: Gets Cute Now…

Picture of Gets Cute Now…

Add 2 little circles the small one on top on the other for the cute bit as shown in pic

Step 6: Now UR Finished

Picture of Now UR Finished

Just add 2 or 3 hairs on top of his head on shade in the big circled in his eyes as shown in pic


EmiClarice (author)2014-06-26

It's adorable!

milliejxx (author)2014-02-23


libbyw19 (author)2014-02-06

Now I look back at this I wonder why I even put this on because it is so easy!:-}

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