This is a very simple project that lets you change a 9 pin female serial cable/plug into a male plug. This is useful when you need a sex change to connect. This actually happens to some of us. I wire mine for just 3 pins, but if you need more just wire it up. If this description and the pictures do not make this clear, then you do not need this device.

Step 1: Materials

2 9 pin male connectors ( mine are all salvage )
2 spacers, metal or plastic tubes see picture
2 bolts just long enough to hold the connectors together
Electrical tape or hot glue gun for insulation
I had to have one made for me long time ago, shame i didn't have this. Turns out the fitting has a proper honest to goodness name, and that&nbsp; is a <em>gender bender. </em>Kid you not. The cables really do have a social life of sorts - I often find mine all tangled up like snakes that have just come out of hibernation, and I sure as hell didn't leave them like that.<br />
<p>Nope a gender changer is when it changes a 9 pin male connector into a 9 pin female connector, or vice versa. A gender bender is when it changes a 25 pin female connector into a 9 pin female connector, or vice versa. See image below of 25 pin male to 9 pin male gender bender, see the gender didn't change it's still male, it's just different, hence bent.</p>
you dirty serial ports,get a room
Cables don't have sex, despite the fact that they have genders. Too much in the world today, "sex" is used when "gender" should be instead, even on employment applications.
No I think they have sex ( and often, my cables stay plugged in for hours ) On the other hand they do not have much social life an &quot;Gender is the social dimension of being male or female.&quot; <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.echeat.com/essay.php?t=30048">http://www.echeat.com/essay.php?t=30048</a> So you can pick you gender, but without surgery you cannot pick your sex ( you can pick you friends, you can pick you nose, but you cannot pick your friend's nose.<br/><br/>I just liked the title.<br/>
Cool Instrutable!
Nice instructable. It could be useful, if you needed one. The name sure got my attention, too.

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