Step 7:

Let the sheet dry for about a day before you attempt to mount the sheet onto your wall. The fumes aren't toxic and the paint doesn't have an odor, so the sheet can dry inside your house where ever there is enough room for it to lay flat.
Where did you get that awesome stenciil :)
Very creative. Plus if you are renting you can grab it n go. Also so many variations can be done by color, stencil design, size, etc. Very inexpensive cuz you can probably get a box of used bed linens at garage sale or goodwill for a buck. Another tip is check out "mis-tint" or return cans of paint at Lowes, Home depot or any place that mixes paint at half off or more. Great tip for any painting projects.
im going to do this but with the stencil on the bare wall.
Hey! I tried something similar to this but instead of using a brush I actually used a sponge (well.. a variety of sponges really. Some really rough and some quite fine) to make more of a rustic effect. Looked fantastic. Great tutorial <3
OMFG.....instant gorgeous and no-fuss wallpaper......THANK YOU for this great idea! Can't wait to use this technique on many walls in my house :)
seems more like a recipe for a NONBORING wall... it looks awesome

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