Anyone who owns an Apple Watch will know how important charging the device is. The daily charging does not typically bother me as I use the watch as an alarm clock and simply let it charge overnight. I particularly like the Nightstand mode that turns on when charging the watch while it is laid on its side. I've wanted a charging dock for some time that would allow the watch to charge on its side next to my bed. This is the story of how I made that dock.

Step 1: Find a Log

While camping, I took a quick trek down into the woods to find a suitable dead log for this project. I wanted this log to be similar in diameter to my wrist with some interesting knots that could be helpful in supporting the watch - as you'll see later on.

<p>Great project...just wish I had an Apple Watch! ;) haha</p>
<p>Thanks. Someday you will. They do keep getting better with time.</p>
<p>Neat project!</p>
<p>Thanks! :-)</p>
I play with the color a bit in the photos, but I believe we're talking about the text here.
Awesome instructable, love how you edited the photos!
<p>Thanks. I was pleased with how they came out too - may do more of that in the future.</p>
<p>You edited them? Why would you need to edit them? You mean the added text?</p>
Cool design
<p>Thanks. It was the tree's fault :-)</p>
Thanks! We'll see if we can win anything :-)

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