This is my first instructable so I hope ya'll enjoy it :)

Step 1: Here's the Seed

You have to type it in exactly as I did so jhonny golden apple no caps and put spaces between every one the name of the world doesn't matter

Step 2: Here Is How It Will Look

It's not all flat land but it has a lot if it you spawn here I know it's not all perfectly flat but I figured it was enough

Step 3: Thanks for Reading

I didn't find this out on my own I looked up and I give that website full credit. Also this is for pe only so if you play.hope you can build lots of stuff on this island. I would love to see what you make so please leave a pic in the comments:) thanks;)
No good water but if you find the swamp there is a double village :)
With a blacksmith
And if you follow the water behind one of the villages there is a ocean monument
There is no water just to add
Cool seed
Thanks for another seed and a shout out to PC players your seed is not ocelot I typed it in once and it worked but now it doesn't sorry
I think the seed for flat land is 911

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