When I was an undergraduate Physics major we would cook hot dogs by plugging them directly into a 120V outlet. This was a relatively hazardous operation as we simply attached the ends of an extension cord to two bolts, which were inserted into the hot dog. If you weren't careful and touched these bolts ("electrodes") while the cord was plugged in, I'm sure you can guess what would happen. Recently, after experimenting with a similar setup, I decided to build an electric hot dog cooker that would be much safer.

I wanted the key feature of this hot dog cooker to be an enclosed hot dog tray with a switch to ensure that current could only flow to the electrodes when the cover was closed. I also wanted to add a dimmer switch so that the current flowing through the hot dog could be varied. Previous experiments seemed to suggest that the hot dog was charing in the vicinity of the electrodes before the dog was fully cooked. As soon as the hot dog chars around the electrodes, conductivity between the hot dog and the electrodes decreases to the point where cooking cannot continue. By being able to decrease the current flowing through the hot dog, I hypothesized that cooking could be slowed and localized charing avoided. The final feature I wanted to add was a light that could indicate the level of current flowing through the hot dog.

Step 1: What I Used

I used the following supplies for this project:

Some scrap 3/4" thick and 3/8" thick pieces of wood

Short sections (< 1 ft) of 16 gauge wire

A blank electric box cover

A 600W rotary dimmer switch

A 120V, 3A, SPDT momentary push button switch

A 120V indicator lamp

An extension cord

Two #6 bolts with nuts and washers

A 1" PVC coupling

A 2" PVC coupling

2 small hinges and associated hardware

A handful of drywall screws and some other small wood screws

Some self-drilling screws

A 1/2" wide aluminum bar

A drawer pull handle

A 0.015" thick sheet of clear styrene

<p>Amazing project and I thoroughly enjoyed the video !</p><p>Keep the good work up man</p>
<p>Thanks. I surely will do my best :-)</p>
<p>how every good evil genius should cook dogs!</p>
<p>Of course this is how they do it...</p>
Yes!<br>Really appreciated!
<p>Cool! Ummm... HOT!</p><p>I'd like to see what happens if you replace the hot dog with a cucumber... Or maybe a carrot? </p>
<p>I'll have to try that. Once a long time ago I tried heating a slide of pizza this way. I put the electrodes at opposite corners of the square piece and then put them in the other corners to fully &quot;cook&quot; it. It kinda worked.</p>

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