Picture of A Scary Dragon Costume
Hi all
Last week was Carnival, and my son decided to wear a "scary dragon costume" (as he said), and my work was to built up.. this...this... well, this "only" a dragon costume ;)

I got some disadvantages to do this:
Biggest one is TIME. He decided on the costume only four days before Carnival Friday (before it, he want to dress like a cat, a knight, a Luaila(what means nothing in realworld(tm) and a lot of different things in his kid's language)... etc ...) and I got only one or two ours per day before he and me go to sleep.
The other one is money, this month we buy an old 2nd hand car and I expend all my month salary in that car...
Other one is I haven't a sewing machine and I need to do all "by hand".
And last but not least important is: The costume must be very comfortable so a boy wearing it can run, play and do "what the three y.o. kids do" all day long...
Isn't the first time I do a costume similar to that one, but is the first time I do with these conditionals, but I was thrilled to see my son happy with his dragon costume and it helps a lot to do the work better...
slaitch3 years ago
It reminds me of http://youtu.be/e4467CI4y0M . This is no bad thing.
mikolynn (author)  slaitch3 years ago
Wow! It's amazing dragon too! I didn't seen it before, really nice!
Yay! So happy you got it published. This is such a great project. :)
mikolynn (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Yeah! Nice! And again lot of thanks!
Have you seen the last step?
Yep! I'm famous! :D