This is another in my Get Smart series, which also includes another working wearable shoe phone ( instructable ), a cone of silence and a phone booth.

I've made a couple of working and wearable shoe phones now. This was the first, and it uses a blue tooth headset as its basis.

So, I guess it is really a shoe headset rather than a shoe phone, but I reckon that's just a technicality. My extensive testing at work confirmed that people can't tell that it is a phone in your pocket ringing instead of the shoe ringing.

But if you want to see a shoe phone that is undeniably a shoe phone, then you can have a look at my second shoe phone.

But, enough philosophy, lets get started!

Step 1: Collect the Bits You Need

I had a blue tooth headset that came with my Sony Ericsson Z310i, but it resisted my attempts at disassembly, and didn't look like the microphone and speaker could be changed orientation, which I have decided is an important criteria. So I went to our local pawn broker and for the princely sum of AU$19 obtained a pre-loved Motorola H500 blue tooth head set. (They were very patient with this odd man who said he wanted a tiny head set or phone to put in a shoe).

The H500 head set had two advantages over the Ericsson one: (1) it looked like the speaker and microphone were on wires and could be moved; and (2) there were instructions on the internet to help me disassemble it without breaking it.

Okay, so now I had a nice little head set, and all I needed was a shoe to put it in. Fortunately our church op shop was open, so for the bargain price of AU$3 I got a nice pair of very swanky shoes.
that face...... it's quite unnerving
I have that same headset!
Saw you on daily planet Very good!
Well, you've beat me to it (I don't get Discovery Channel here)! Thanks for letting me know. Paul.
Ok And once again congrats
Actually,in Club Penguin,when you are on a mission,you get to go to the invention room.Click the shoe in the shelf and it rings.
I'm trying to think back..did Max's phone have a rotary dial? I'd love a shoe phone like this. I lose my phone all the time-it would be way harder to lose my shoes... I think ;0) Love your ibles. Thanks!
You should remake this into a banana :P
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, bananaphone! BOO DOO BA DOO BA DOOP!
quite. :P

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