A Simple Arduino Clock Powered by Solar




Introduction: A Simple Arduino Clock Powered by Solar

made a clock for the garage, which will be powered by the solar power system. this clock will be running 24 7 from solar batteries. i modified the clock code to show maker man every 3 seconds. the whole build took more less 30min.

Step 1: The Complete Build Video and Steps

i have uploaded all the file to host. here u can download my arduino code and the libraries used

1 - mm clock arduino - http://adf.ly/1iYw9k

2 - RealTimeClockDS1307 library - http://adf.ly/1iYw9k

3 - Wire library - http://adf.ly/1iYw9k

Once you are done Connecting the module to the Arduino, so that the pins are inserted properly into the Arduino. The program for testing the module is given below. In-order to run the module we need two libraries we need two libraries into the Arduino software.



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