Picture of A Simple Charm Bracelet
This is a beautiful and simple charm bracelet I made, and decided to share it with you in this Instructable. Provide are the step by step photos for how to make this. It's the perfect airy summer green accessory.

This Bracelet uses a Dangle wrap, a Briolette Wrap, and an Encased Wrap. These different techniques will be explained in the following steps!

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Step 1: Planning and Preping

Picture of Planning and Preping

For this project you will need wire cutters, round nose pliers, and flat nose pliers.

The layout shown below is not the same as the finished piece. I always plan out projects this way to start. This is a simple way to get an idea about what the final bracelet will look like. At the very least you will be able to see if your colors are all wacky.

Material List:
1, one 7 1/2" base chain with clasp
2, 26gg sterling silver round dead soft wire - about 3ft
3, Miscellaneous beads

Basic Head pin:

I made my own head pins by coiling the wire ends. See photos above.

Step 2: Dangle Wrap

Picture of Dangle Wrap
Dangle Wrap

1) String the first dangle. Then about 1/8" away from the bead bend the wire around your round nose pliers. Some designers bend the pliers around twisting the wire, I do the opposite. I think this method is easier on your wrist in the long run.

2) After the circle loop is formed, slide the chain onto to the loop.

3) Grab the loop in your flat nose pliers and Wrap the long end around the 1/8" Stem. Wrap around at least 2 times, and cut off flush with wire cutters.

and i jus love this bracelet ya u r a creative person
vasarian (author)  ajitha sam neon3 years ago
thanks! you can get the chain w/ a clasp at

or visit your local bead store ;)
where will we get dat 7 1/2 chain with a clasp and all any ideas