Make a neat little game using a simple circuit.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will need some wire, electrical tape, a 9 volt battery, and a light or buzzer. I chose to use an LED light, but a buzzer would probably work better. You will also need wire strippers.
<p>i lobcd </p>
<p>Simple and fun..</p>
<p>I made it............................. for school project but an complex and updated model, it was made on a firm base</p>
Cute little game. Simple yet fun. Thanks !
Awww no resistor! That makes pain :&nbsp;S Okay maybe not :D<br />
well I will have my own instructable relating this one. LOL !!! AN IMPROVED VERSION STAY TUNED
Made one of these when I was younger (I used a buzzer), but included a hidden switch - and cheated.
why no resistor? wont a 9V batteryfry an LED with out a resistor?
well, that is the case if it is burning constantly. in this scenario, the light only lights up for a split second, or at least that is the point. it is true though, the 9 volts will make the LED die much faster than normal.
I had a short circuit with a different circuit I made, it fried my High power LED on a 9v battery in about 3 seconds. Might help if you add a resistor to this circuit...
well yes it would.
I thought so too but it appears that his LED is lit (of course theres no proof that it blew right after the picture was taken :P )
9V seems like a lot to be putting through the LED, they're pretty forgiving and its only a momentary voltage but maybe adding a buzzer or a resistor to lengthen the lifetime of the game would be good.
i agree, a 2.2k resistor works great with my experiments.
How does it work? I need to know for my school project.
from my understanding, the circuit is incomplete and when you touch it with the part when you hold it it completes the circuit the LED lights up
i did something almost exactly like this for a grade 6 project!
OH MY GOD! i made on when i was 11. i made it with a support (the thing to hold cloth on) and a ring. it was all glued on a wood pieces. it was for a school project, and i got the best note ! 21/20! (i got a bonus becose its was nicely holding on a wood plank!)
Hmm i wanna make a shock type game outa this but dont know where to go with it...
I was thinking of the same thing. You could probably make a glove like thing, where the loop is on the end of the index finger. Then line the inside with aluminum foil (leaving a gap), and the hand could nridge the curcit. When you mess up, a high-volt-low-amp current would be sent through the glove and OWCH! For even more fun, duct tape the glove to your victim, and tell them you will only take it off if they get to the end ]:-) hehehe.... *Makes a 10 mile course*
MUAHAHAHa i like how you think!
try playing under water
You could add a housing and add a buzzer to the circuit
you could possibly take this a little farther so if yo touch the wire with the loop you get a small shock. This could make a little more interesting because then you could have your friend play this game and watch him get shocked.
Or take it to the max, and get a gigavolt shock when you touch the wire. I bet you'd see a real steep learning curve...
At 9V the LED will burn out and start to smell if you "lose" the game for more than, lets say 4 seconds. I would put a resistor in to control current and voltage. Also, maybe this would be worth playing with a dying battery.

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