A Simple Control of FWD/REW of a DC-motor





Introduction: A Simple Control of FWD/REW of a DC-motor

The main idea is that you can drive the motor (attached to something) from "home" position to "end" position

What you need is a "motor" ( of course)

A relay with "2" change ower function (COM, NO. NC)

2 microswitches (home & end)

Some LEDS (colour of your choice) 6pc's

Resistor's 5pc's (hmm... @12Volt appr. 680R)

Fuse +fuseholder (fuse depends on the load & what the relay can handle)

4 Flyback diods

The function: Activate the relay via J3 with the required voltage to the relay

As long as the J3 is activated the motor will run "FW" till it gets to the end position, and then it will stop

When J3 is not activated the relay will fall and the motor will run "REW" till it gets to "home" positoin.

I'm using "double" flyback diods on both sides of the motor, WHY? because.... the EMC kickback goes both positive and negative, and the motor runs in rwo directions, thats why, (I learned this double flyback from a DC-motor manufactorer ABB = ASEA BROWN BROWERY)

Step 1:



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Cool circuit design. If you build a prototype, you should definitely post pictures of it.