Step 5: Storage

Looking at the game and my list of wants, I decided to implement "Energy Storage" as the next evoltuion.

Mainly because it was (so I thought) a simple add on. I quickly created a small stack of "power" cards and added them into our decks.

Initially I had 10 power card in each deck (after increasing the "maximum and minimum" number of cards in a deck), but once again after doing some basic draw tests (drawing a hand of seven cards) we quickly realised that 10 was too many and that a maximum of 5 power cards should be observed.

next we had to decide on the rules for these new cards....

We decided that they could be played any time onto the table at no penalty to the player and they would stay there until used. They could be used for both attack and defence boosters and added one point of dammage or defence per card.

back to play testing and the new additions added another layer of strategy to the game. They also brought about some very interesting a decisive victories!

The game was working well, but after adding the Power cards, if you had a good hand of cards, you could do some really serious damage to your opponent and they couldn't really respond or stop these monster attacks, correspondingly once you had used your cards in your hand, you were unable to block anything from your opponent in the next turn!

Thus the Counter card was born!
that looks cool <br>you might want to add some people though <br>maybe someone like 'karate kid'
Cool, I always wanted to try to find a way to make the Desert Storm collecting cards into a game.
I never saw those, but I suppose it's fairly easy! Robust and easy to follow rules are the foundations of a good game :)

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