A simple yet brilliant guide to teach you a little more about airsoft.

 no. I don't wear pajamas while airsofting.

Step 1: What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport much like paintball. Some of the only differences are that in paintball you shoot balls of paint, and in airsoft you shoot 6mm plastic BB's. Another one is that in paintball you carry around a gun with this huge hopper thing and a big gas tank at the bottom and in airsoft you use clips, and the batteries are inside the gun and not a gas tank that sticks out. Or if u have CO2 that's usually inside the gun also, or the spring if its spring powered. That's why i prefer airsoft, because the guns are more realistic and the ammo is much cheaper. The BB's usually do not break the skin, but you do feel a stinging sensation for about 5 seconds or so. It is also based on the honor system, which means if you get hit, there's no way of the shooter to know that, so you have to admit that you're out.

Step 2: Gear Up!

You're gonna need a set of clothes to wear during airsoft so you can have camouflage, or just have something on so you wont cry when you get shot. For head gear you can go with a full face mask, like a paintball mask which I use; or you could buy a tactical helmet, shooting glasses or sunglasses, and a bandanna. Next you'll need something on your torso like a vest or something. I find camouflage very effective, so I like to wear a camo hoodie that I bought at Cabela's one day. Of course, i do wear something under my hoodie. I will usually wear a long sleeve shirt, but when it's cold outside I'll wear a thermal. If it's hot out, I'll just wear a day-go under it. Tactical vests can be very useful too. They usually have a pistol holster, water bottle holder, ammo pockets, empty magazine pockets, and many other useful storage thingies. You'll also need pants that will be comfortable. I always use jeans or wool pants that are NOT shorts because:
1. I airsoft in woodland areas
2. I do not enjoy being eaten alive by mosquitoes, bees, wasps, fleas, midges, etc.
Boots or old sneakers work well for footwear when you're playing in woodland areas because i don't want to get my everyday shoes all muddy and wet. So, I wear a pair of my old shoes. I also like to screw on a baseball cap backwards or put my hood up under my paintball mask.
I also carry a CamelBak hydration pack on my person, because I get awfully thirsty out on the playing field. Oh, and of course, binoculars for scouting out enemy troops.

Step 3: Guns, Guns, Guns!

You'll also need an airsoft gun. there are three main types: Electric, Gas, and Spring. The titles explain what each one is powered by. It is usually good to have at least 2 weapons. A primary, and a sidearm (secondary). your primary should be an AEG (airsoft electric gun) or a sniper rifle. It could possibly even be two pistols. (If gas or electric) Your secondary should be a pistol or mini AEG. I have an AK-47 CM.028-S as my primary and a M1911 spring pistol as my secondary. I also have a UHC .357 Revolver, but I would recommend the M1911 over the .357 only because the M1911 has a 20 round magazine and the revolver is a six-shot in which you have to load the bullets into the cylinder.

Step 4: Conclusion

Have Fun! Pick up that gun, put in the mag, get out there, and airsoft!

P.S. I will soon be making an instructable on where we airsoft and I'll show you some of our forts
Guys sirously spend a good 400$ and get a somewhat decently good airsoft rifle. And don't wear you pejamas for gods sake.
You know, it kinda annoys me how almost everyone has a Ak47. Its kinda weird
<p>i have ak-74 </p>
Well, CYMA's AK series are cheapest airsoftguns.
Actually, the later models have been highly improved. The most recent ones are good for first-gun purchases.
Not the cm042 that cost 180$ its a great gun though and im a owner of one
when i look through my cybergun licenced kalash 60th anniversary ak47 i relized that many of the parts said cyma on them so i assume it is a clone of the tactical jg one
I know personaly I LOATH the very core of AKs. the mag pushes out too far and messes up my aim when I shoot lying down. that's y I am getting a M60.
I agree, but | gotta say that the AK looks AWESOME and the feeling of the gun, how you have to hold it, just feels good. Still, I like my pump rifle.
I think you should do that. Try to make one for people with glasses too please. I will try too.
Is the ak Double eagle
&nbsp;oh my god... it wont blink i just lost 6 staring contests to it
wow it is good.
i think the one person who can beat it is chuck norris
He must BE chuck Norris
i beat it.
Have a smiling contest. You'll win almost every time. =D
I can't win!!!! I lost 29 times!!
OMG IT BLINKED!!! I must be chuck norris :O
i know IT-WONT-LOSE!
grr he's good
would anybody be interested if i made an ible about making an airsoft/paintball mask?
I will be makeing one soon my friend dont worry
I will be makeing one soon my friend dont worry
Do they ever make idles for exact airsoft guns? thinking about making one for my M60 once I get it
yes a rambleing ding dong
yessssssssssss :) <br>
You might also want to mention that the colder the air outside gets, the worse that Gas guns operate. I play airsoft in Canada, and numerous times in this winter season have I already had my Beretta M9 get it's valves frozen open (Rapid fire, paced fire gets better results), due to using propane or green gas (both of which are already cold).<br><br>Just thought it might be useful to mention for people in colder climates.
I got the cm042 its a great gun i highly reccomend it if u plan to play alot of airsoft <br>
Creepy smiley and nice helmet too i was gonna by an AK but then i decided to get a package deal with a night prowler aeg and a pistol The night prowler has a 600 Rnd reseviuoir again nice job.
On hobby tron???? <br>
no I ended up getting a spring xm8 off of airsplat because it was cheap and worked well anyways
I play with a short sleeve shirt and sports shorts. you really dont need all that
i have an m4a1 as my primary, and an electric 250FPS pistol as my secondary and im ordering an M14 FPS 390 and an ak-47 FPS 250 in the mail from hobbytron plus i use grenades. You can get them for like 20 bucks on hobbytron.com
I actually sorta wanna play against you in airsoft, simply because I think it would be a good match. I have a well-P90, a Kiparis(I use the Kiparis and P90 at the same time) and an M16.
and midgets ect.<br>haha
My binoculars! We have the same ones! lol.
Wow nice job saying how airsoft is better than paintball. Please don't talk about a sport you clearly haven't spent much time on. It makes people like me angry to read ignorant comments like yours.
Hadn't occurred to me that you were forced to read this article.
oh please, its not like i could'v known that this would bother me BEFORE i read it.
well then maybe you're not that good at this whole internet thing? Because I know that any knex article is going to bother me without even knowing anything about it. Same goes for trolls who aren't good at it.
&nbsp;dude its pps not pss. but its all good. escpecilly the smily
That happens so often on this site... I am disappointment in they're grammar.
bb's can break the skin, from my like 7 year experience of airsoft guns, (i am 14 and 11 1/2 months by the way), i have used alot of bbs.<br/><br/>the cheapest ones you can buy, are the yellow ones, a thousand for i would say a 10&pound;, and the most expensive you can uy are the white ones, they are the heaviest, and therefore more penetratable, so the hurt, and can bleed on contact of bare-skin.<br/><br/>i just thought i would point that out for the newbies, but i bet i learn sumin from this.<br/>and i dont bullshit.<br/> nyce tut<br/>-JRM, =)<br/>
ha ha yeah, those white ones kill. I got a gun that shoots those at around 750 fps (I haven't chromed it, its just what the box says) and ive broke skin many times on my friends. btw, the yellow ones are 10 grams, blue ones 15 grams, and white 20 grams (I think)
no the white ones are.20 grams.
yeah. 20 grams would be very heavy. maybe like shotgun ammo.

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