A cool robot and it's cheap
This robot is using transistors as microcontroller.Now let's get started

Step 1: Welcome

Hai,my name is Amal P.k
This is a great robot.It's very cheap.This robot is using transistors as microcontroller.Lets get started!...

Step 2: Parts and Materials

1.Ir led (x2)
3.10k resistance(x2)
4.220k resistance (x2)
5.diode in4148(x2)
6.dc motor\servo (x2)
7.chassis (anything else)
8.sticky tape
9.soldering iron
12.circuit board.battery.etc
13.transistors (shown in circuit)

Step 3: Brain

Here is the circuit of this robot.Fix all the parts on the board and fix the ldr and ir leds
on the long board as shown

Step 4: Assembling

Fix the circuit board on the chassis
Fix battery on it,attach motors and tyres.do it neatly.attach every thing.make sure the sensors are at right position.you can add two more motors and tyres


Well.have fun modernization,speed etc you can add on it.enjoy..........thankfully,Amal p.k
<p>how can i increase the speed?</p>
the circuit is not working ?? WTF
<p>Really good idea</p>
i made this circuit but the motor is not running. yet a led is running . plz reply soon
where is the IR led in the ckt
Hai..<br>Thank you for asking me about this<br>I have told that we can use either led or ir led.<br>Both will work well.so, try it have run bye...

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Bio: I am Amal p.k From Kerala,South India.
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