I have started practicing "walking meditation". This is where deliberate focused movement, contrasted with still sitting, fosters mindful awareness. (I'm pretty much a newbie at this, so others can comment on it as they find necessary.) There are many great general references on labyrinths on the web and in books.

It's a bit of a drive to a local full Chartes-style labyrinth, so I created a small 3-circuit "Classic" style in my driveway with chalk and a yardstick. Since chalk is by nature very temporary, the next iteration will be larger, and perhaps someday more permanent.

Just to be clear, a labyrinth is not a maze; there is generally only one path to the center and back out (though some modern designs blur this distinction).

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

  • Sidewalk chalk (some kind of marking spray chalk might work as well) -- the original outline used about 1/2 of a large stick, but I used 3 sticks total including deepening the line with wet chalk
  • A large flat surface (7'x7' minimum)

  • A measuring device / straightedge / right-angle reference such as a yardstick and/or a carpenter's square (strongly recommended, but freehand will work if you're careful)
  • A long dowel so you can stand while drawing, and duct tape to secure the chalk to the dowel
  • Kneepads and gloves for "groundwork"
  • A bowl or bucket of water for "wet" drawing

I originally duct-taped my chalk to the dowel as seen here, but in the end I just got down on hands-and-knees. The project took me (an overweight old guy) about 20 minutes for the original path, and another 15 minutes to deepen the lines.

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