A Simple PAX Wardrobe


Introduction: A Simple PAX Wardrobe

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ThePAX wardrobe series have proven to be among the top IKEA sellers and there's a reason for that.

Here I have prepared some simple furniture assembly instructions for one of the less complicated models. London is has a couple of the home appliances mega stores, where you could get it. If you are planing to refurnish your home - have in mind that an easy and accessible furniture delivery service could save you time and efforts, otherwise - in the worst case scenario, you'll learn your lesson.

Step 1: How to Build a PAX Wardrobe?

Just think of all the benefits ready to build furniture has to offer!

My simple guide could help understand why ready to assembly furniture often ends up as a huge mess and why experienced professionals can turn out to be SO valuable. In case you are not familiar with any of the PAX flat pack furniture products - their parts could be easily damaged if you do not perform a proper furniture assembly. London often has given me lemons with such challenges and in case you run out of tea as well - hire a reputable professional to assist you with your new house fittings, otherwise - do your best until you get it right.

All chattels within the PAX wardrobe series, do come in a wide variety of configurations and models.

For my simple assembly example I have chosen a wide closet product model. This movable chattel can be pretty much fit any room, home or building at all. This cupboard has a simple clothes rail, a bottom shelf and a handy removable wire basket, all from the complimentary range plus two classic doors. When you step back and look at things from a builder point of view, to put together or take a part any model with PAX wardrobe instructions might look easy, but let me tell you - furniture assembly sure has its tricks and tips, and I had to damage a few ready-to-build wardrobe sets till I got somebody to help.

Step 2: In a Nutshell, Here Is a Resume of How Putting the Parts Together Goes Like:

1. First your mount the wooden pegs and bolts into the two base tables. Afterwards you attach the two long panels to the side part. Use the two longer side elements in order to complete a rectangular shape. Lay your future item according to the PAX wardrobe instructions. Put the back side on place and then put in the clothes rail, shelf, wire basket, and finally the locker doors.

In case you risk the well being of your new furniture, assembly will require:

  • Instructions on how to put it together
  • A proper screw driver
  • A hammer
  • A spirit level
  • And a mechanical drill

Most models of the line are large and tall cupboards, in which A LOT of clothes may be hung or stored and if you try to build the item yourself - you will most definitely need a friend or partner to assist. In case you've chosen a professional third party furniture assembly service, London companies either book one person for no less than 3 hrs or two assemblers for no less than one hour. Most PAX wardrobes instructions are relatively big and having a helper around is highly preferable, in my case - it turned out to be a must..

At first I wasn't an experienced and reputable professionals, so I used a normal screw driver, which was absolutely fine, but after a bit of pain I figured out a drill would save me lost of effort. In case you choose the second option, it is of crucial importance to keep your focus tight and try to avoid unneeded damage. Sometimes a simple crack in any of the wood plates could end up in a unstable wardrobe, which is as good as rubbish. PAX wardrobe instructions for ready-to-build furniture assembly did mislead me at first and the result was a pack of damaged parts far from repair..

Step 3: Handy Tips


  • If you happen to use the drill - always set the power setting is on lowest level.
  • Use a rug or a carpet. Position all parts on a blanket or some other soft cover. You would want to avoid the chance of scratches or other damage of such sort.
  • Make sure you identify where and what are the contents of the bag of bits. Check if all are present and take the exact count down. Loosing a single bit does often cost unnecessary nerves.
  • If you happen to be unsure of it - contact a reputable London IKEA furniture assembly company. Many PAX wardrobes have ended as rubbish because of lack of experience with building home inventory.

Step 4: The Main Frame Part 1

You fill find out things to be much easier and clearer if you lay all the parts as shown in the manual.

As seen in the photo.

First lay out the two long side panels and note that two of the edges have this L shaped groove down the side. They should be facing towards the outside as the furniture assembly instructions show. Take my advice - lay a mat or a rug in order to prevent the PAX wardrobes parts from scratches.

Step 5: The Main Frame Part 2

Screw in the bolts, counting wholes to identify the positions, shown in the PAX wardrobe instructions. Make sure you screw them in as tight as you can. In fact they don't have to be exactly 90 degrees for the whole wardrobe to fit in together.

Step 6: The Main Frame Part 3

Three bolts go into each end of the two long panels as indicated in the manual. If you want to be a professional assembler - always wear strong shoes!

Step 7: The Main Frame Part 4

Pay attention to the small wooden pegs. In order for you not to fail them furniture assembly instructions, have in mind that most of the ready-to-assembly parts IKEA's flat pack assembly have are MORE than FRAGILE.

One wrong hit with the hammer, or a screwdriver push could cause a nit to crack your wooden plate.

Step 8:

A few handy screenshots to reference the few tricky moments.

Step 9: The PAX Wardrobe Instructions.

For what I can resume,
the PAX Wardrobe instructions are complicated and confusing. The first time I had to put together a wardrobe I failed. If you have the guts and patience to play that game - may the Force be with you, otherwise - ask or hire somebody experienced to help you out with furniture assembly.

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