Picture of A Simple Tool Kit
Hello everyone! This is my first instructables! I am a 12 year old that loves crafting. I always loved to tinker with things and then build stuff. I've spent hours just looking at neat things to build. I was also fascinated at making fires. Well this is my first instructables. (: Hope you like it. 
Apolo82 years ago
;-) +10 for you!!!
ldoan1 (author)  Apolo82 years ago
:D Thanks!
This is cool. Is it a kit of tools for anything in particular?
ldoan1 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you! No, It's not a tool kit for anything specific. These are tools that are easily accessible at home. If I ever wanted to craft anything, these would be the common tools to use. (: Thanks For Commenting! Much Appreciated!