A Simple Stand to Elevate Your Lap Top





Introduction: A Simple Stand to Elevate Your Lap Top

This was a simple shopbot project to get my laptop up off the desk and visually in line with my second monitor.  The same file could also be used for cutting the shapes on a laser cutter.  The file should work for almost any laptop with a 15" display.

Step 1: Drawing and Dimensions

The project requires a sheet of  material 1’ X 2’.

I used ½” luan plywood but with some tweaking the file would work with any material you choose.

Step 2: Machining the Parts

Using the Maker Works Shopbot. to machine the parts

Step 3: Assemble the Pieces

Once the parts are machined snap or glue the four parts together.

Step 4: The Finished Stand.

The finished stand will look like this.

Here is the file I used.  You can choose the PDF or the DXF version as best suits your needs.



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hay how about plan for the people that dont have a shop bot?

you could always use a saw.

Help the PDF does not have the plans, it only shows part of the plans