Working with concrete is fun. You can cast anything in concrete, provided you have the right tools, materials and the know-how.

Here is a step-by-step Instructable to make a small Bedside Coffee Table in concrete, with easily available materials and tools at home. You can also find some tips on working with cement and concrete here.

Step 1: What You Need

We do not need any special equipment or form work to make this small coffee table. I have used equipment and tools commonly available in any household. I have purchased an one kilogram packet of white cement and borrowed small quantity of sand from a neighbor.

I have divided casting work of this table in three parts: The Base, the middle section and the top section.

Molds (Form work):

  • A small bowl from the kitchen for the base
  • An empty glass bottle for the mid section
  • An ornamental plate for the top section, also from the kitchen

Poach the bowl and the plate from the kitchen, as I did, without anybody noticing them as missing and return them back after three or four days. Of course, the glass bottle is expendable... 


  • One kilogram packet of White Cement
  • About half a cubic foot of clean river sand
  • Clean water
  • Little quantity of oil for lubricating the form work (the molds). I have used Coconut oil. You can use any oil.

Other equipment borrowed from the kitchen:

  • A medium sized pan for mixing
  • A ladle for mixing the concrete
  • A small bowl for water

So cute! I love that the design transferred to the concrete!
thank you
Nice, but that foot is too small for that table. <br> <br>It is dangerous to have a heavy and unstable table. If it falls over a toe, it will destroy it. It hurts. <br> <br>A lot.
Thank you. It looks small in the photograph, but I have checked the table with heavier objects and it is stable, There is no chance of overturning.

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