A Small Concrete/ Biomass Mixer


Introduction: A Small Concrete/ Biomass Mixer

Procedure for making a small concrete/ Biomass mixer is given in this inscrutables.

Step 1: Creation of Shaft

1. take one small shaft and arrange plates over it as shown in picture.

this is a rotating element in your mixer or you can make it steady and rotate barrel also. 

Step 2: Making of Barrel

Take one small barrel  or pipe of 2'' in diameter and 6'' long.

Step 3: Cutting of Barrel

now cut this  barrel  or pipe as shown in picture.

Step 4: Creating Disc or Plate

Take two disc of 2'' diameter for providing closing of barrel.
And Make the Hole of as equal to your shaft diameter.

Step 5: Assembling All the Parts

Now assemble all the parts as shown in picture

Step 6:



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