Introduction: A Small Concrete/ Biomass Mixer

Picture of A Small Concrete/ Biomass Mixer

Procedure for making a small concrete/ Biomass mixer is given in this inscrutables.

Step 1: Creation of Shaft

Picture of Creation of Shaft

1. take one small shaft and arrange plates over it as shown in picture.

this is a rotating element in your mixer or you can make it steady and rotate barrel also. 

Step 2: Making of Barrel

Picture of Making of Barrel

Take one small barrel  or pipe of 2'' in diameter and 6'' long.

Step 3: Cutting of Barrel

Picture of Cutting of Barrel

now cut this  barrel  or pipe as shown in picture.

Step 4: Creating Disc or Plate

Picture of Creating Disc or Plate

Take two disc of 2'' diameter for providing closing of barrel.
And Make the Hole of as equal to your shaft diameter.

Step 5: Assembling All the Parts

Picture of Assembling All the Parts

Now assemble all the parts as shown in picture

Step 6:


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