A Smaller Sucker-Vacuum Attachment





Introduction: A Smaller Sucker-Vacuum Attachment

Well, this sucks……you have some small device or mechanism that needs cleaning and your vacuum cleaner just does not fit the space. Further, the airflow cannot be directed where it is really needed. Cleaning a sewing machine might be one of those times. Or, sucking cat hair out of your laptop keyboard. You can’t just use canned air to sweep the fuzz away, as it only drives it further into the machine. So….it’s time to make something better.

If you use contact lens soaking solution you’ll probably have little bottles like this. If not, there are lots of supplies that come in little plastic bottles. The advantage of these, as shown, is that they fit the standard home vacuum cleaner hose just fine.

Step 1: What We Need to Begin:

Step 2:

First, start with an empty container. Pry off the squirt tip, leaving the top open. Cut off the bottom with a knife or utility scissors. That’s it. You are done !

Step 3:

Slide on and begin cleaning those tight spots. You might even add some poly or vinyl tubing to make the tool even more useful.



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    thanks that never occurred to me I messed around with a hot air gun and some pvc waste pipe the results were not that good or as simple

    As I had the same problem each time I needed to clean my lathe I took a 40 centimeters length of heat shrink tube and made a long narrow hose that works wonders reaching small places.

    2017-08-20 13.12.54.jpg
    1 reply

    Yes, lots of ways to do the same jobs. This one was free and fast. I gave up keeping my lathe REALLY CLEAN. Usually now I just suck up the big chips and let the rest go.