Here is a simple instructable that can prevent family members coming into your room and taking your valuables. The soda can safe is a clever yet secure way to confuse oncoming friendly marauders.  

Step 1: Materials List

You will need...

1. can opener
2. a soda can (Pepsi is easiest to remove top)
3. foam core, paper towel or spray insulation... your choice
4. some kind of jar or canister. (I used a small jam jar i had left over)
5. Hot glue

I haven't been able to do this and really look like an unopened soda. You can buy these professionally made. I have seen them at truck stops and on-line
You can get it perfect with almost no skill.<br>I may post an instructable soon.<br>The trick is not to use a can opener, but a dremel with a short blade and carefully cut all around the top.
<p>I was thinking dremel would work better than a can opener as well, before ever looking this up. You can also use silica along the edges and a TP roll, or another soda can cut down &amp; rolled to your preferred size in the middle. Keeps it about the weight of a real soda. You will need an O ring to seal it off.</p>
O cool... thank you... i really didnt care about aesthetics but thank you for the support i suppose
thanks you your feedback is greatly appreciated, of course your not going to get it perfect but up on a shelf no one will tell the difference.
instead of cutting the top of the can, sand the circle edge part until you see a cut line all the way arond and just pop it off
Interesting idea. Even more interesting username!
haha thanks =P
How would you close the can? That would problably be a good thing to put in the instructable. After you glue the lid does it snap on or is their a way to screw it on and off?
well mine after usage becomes easy to snap on and snap off but it depends on the jar you use. Thanks alot on the feedback. I should be coming out with a new instructables today or tomorrow:)
Thanks when I find a bottle small enough I think id like to try it.
I like the photo on step 1.
Haha i hope your being sarcastic man if you want to see some other photographs ill be making a flickr soon:)
cool! i subscribed!
Thx man :)
no problem!

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