A Solutions to Xbox 360 Screws! (Open Up for Rapid Fire Mod)





Introduction: A Solutions to Xbox 360 Screws! (Open Up for Rapid Fire Mod)

While trying to rapid fire mod a controller,
you've come across the annoying T8 screws with a pin in them.
That makes them a T8H screw.
Here is the tutorial about dealing with them.

Step 1: Pin Pin Pin!

So, look at the back of your xbox 360's controller.
Check out those pesky T8H screws!
The easiest thing would be getting a T8H screwdriver, but they are hard to come by.
Here's the next best thing and it's pretty simple.

Things you'll need:

Electric Drill

Small Flat Head Eyeglass screwdriver,
also known as watch screwdrivers or watchmaker screwdrivers(dollar store)

T8 Screwdriver (auto store, computer parts store, or radioshack) -
(I personally think the T9 fits better, but w/e is easier to find will work)

xbox 360 controller that you want to open

Step 2: Screwdriver + Drill

So first...
Take your mini flathead screwdriver and stick it in the drill.
Usually you can just put it in, and the end handle spindle won't stop the clamps from tightening it.
If it does stop the interior drill clamps, cut it off.

Step 3: Twist and Shout!

Put the "new modified drill bit" into one of the screws.
It should wedge perfectly between the pin and one of the screw walls.
Slowly start turning the screwdriver clockwise with the drill, yes, You will be tightening it.

Step 4: Snap!

After turning it clockwise, the center pin should just snap off!
Now grab your trusty T8 Screwdriver and open your controller!

Step 5: Other Solutions:

Here are some other solutions.

If you don't want to buy a T8 screwdriver,
Put the screwdriver in the drill,
Wedge the screwdriver into the screw,
and put the drill if reverse VERY SLOWLY!
It might be able to unscrew the screw.

Buy a T8H screwdriver. They are around $5.

Use a screwdriver and hammer.
Stick the screwdriver in the wedge and hit it.
Hopefully it'll pop the pin, but you might damage the screw.

Buy a pre-modded controller.
Ebay search "xbox rapid"



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    great idea, I recently opened up a microwave that had those on it and I had to drill through the screws. This would have been considerably less destructive.

    3 replies

    Ignoring the fact that microwaves have extremely dangerously amazingly awesome (I mean bad) voltages in them, why did you open up a microwave? You've piqued my interest.

    I realize that this is way after the fact, but that's exactly right.


    Great tutorial man. I discovered this method on my own last night while trying to unscrew the T8H with a flat bladed screw driver, it just wouldn't unscrew and then I look at the screw and I was amazed that I could use my T8 screw driver. Well enough with my rambling. Well written.

    it worked great for me although my power drill got left out in the rain so i used a the screwdriver on mt leather man, i guess haveing a hole thetherman to grip gave me enough leverage
    i did that successfully with 4 controllers(sadly only 2 of them wer moddable

    well i have a solution as well..  i went to a local garage/parts store to get some fuses for my car.  while i was waiting, lo and behold, up on a shelf was a Security Screwdriver Bit Set.  The Set was 20 bucks... and in the middle of the sticks in Canada thats cheap!!! so i bought it.. but i had to alter the bit to make it have longer penetration for the pesky two screws in the bottom of the handles of the controller (gotta love bench grinders!!) so after that i was able to open my controller no problem.. drilled a hole.. ran two wires (took the two wires i needed from a usb cable) and then threw it all back together (after elimination of a few pesky internal pieces of plastic).

    they have T8H screwdrivers for $0.99 on eBay.


    8 replies

    you don't need to solder to the led for rapid fire just to the middle point and the right prong of the rumble pack

    CAPSLOCK IS NOT CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL. RULE 31 IS A LIE. Anyway, solder a wire to player 1 LED? What for? If it's for rapid fire, why not just birdcage a rapid fire circuit? (I might make an instructable.)

    because we are lazy and dont want to build the circuit, plus this way is cheeper (by price and quality), actually i found that using a weller 5 watt battery operated soldering iron works the best for this mod. also, BRE software here in fresno sells rapid fire mod kits that requires no soldering or drilling, there about 30 bucks, and it comes with the screwdriver and everything

    No soldering?...
    Anyway, yes, I'm aware that there are many options for pre-made rapid-fire controllers/kits, but  I find kits to be degrading (DIYer here). Also, it cost me $10 to build my rapid-fire circuit, and I could have done it for less.

    BRE Software? In Fresno, you say? I'll go take a look sometime. It's hard to find a good electronics store that sells niche stuff.

    no soldering, it just attaches to the board and connects to the board by theese little pins. BRE software is in fresno on blackstone and nees

    the p1 led is run off of a pulsed signal (probably to save battery...) so it is much simpler to just do it this way.  putting in a circuit would take up extra space, which is fairly limited... what were you thinking like an LM555 timer chip or something like that

    Agreed with your first point though

    killersquirel11, u know what i am talking about, it may not be perfect, but it works

    It is simpler, but you don't have the ability to manipulate the frequency of the pulsations, so you're stuck with a single speed setting.

    I use a LMC-555 chip with 100k-ohm trimmer/potentiometer for mine. Of course, that's not all the parts, but you get the idea. It does take up extra space, but it fits fairly easily. I even had space for an LED system to light the buttons, thumb sticks (the space between the base of the thumb sticks and the case), and the d-pad. Oh, and both rumble motors were left in place as well.

    My dad used some "pulse lazer" thing to put a hole in the tip of a regular T8 torx, works perfectly :)

     you a freaking genus thanks this saved me a ton of trouble