Picture of A Springtime Novelty
With such glorious weather, Spring seems to have come early this year – which makes it the perfect time to stitch up some warm weather frocks.

Step 1: Spring Cleaning

Picture of Spring Cleaning
For me, Spring is the perfect excuse to pull out some color.  And cotton is a perfect fabric choice.  Apples are more of a Fall crop, but this aqua/red/spring green novelty quilting cotton feels very appropriate for the season and caught my eye while I was digging through stacks of fabric.  

[Quilting cotton used as an apparel fabric sometimes gets a bad rap, but as long as you pick the right project, it works beautifully.  It is also an excellent choice for beginners since it behaves itself during construction.]

This was also an opportunity to do a little Spring Cleaning in the sewing room!  All of the items used for this dress are leftovers, or stashed items that have been abandoned for quite some time.  I just love it when that happens!

jenise20001 year ago
I love that fabric where did you get it
Very nice looking
padbravo1 year ago

Great pictures!
(on the detail of the making, I can not give any opinion, I does not even how to handle a button!)

Mielameri1 year ago
SO CUTE. As always, blown away by the neat, feminine and professional finished product. Very inspiring!

My gosh, this is so cute!