In this instructable I will show you how to turn a square bowl. These make beautiful centerpieces and look very cool!

Step 1: Grab Some Wood

You can use any type of wood you choose. Softwood/hardwood doesnt matter here as long as the wood is thoroughly dried.
I made one out of rough cut Maple and one rough cut Mahogany with Ebony stain.
very, very cool
Thank you :)
Clever, clever. When I saw the link, I thought I'd be a steamed plywood deal. A lathe. Nice.
Nope. But I wouldnt mind giving that a shot.:) <br>Thanks <br>
So making a bowl and then cutting it would be safer, but it takes some of the challenge out of it. <br>I have made something similar, but I have legs coming down at the corners. <br>Wacked my fingers a few times when I got careless. Wish I had a picture of one to show you.
Why do you not shape the bottom of the bowl while it is on the faceplate? I think this would be safer and give you better access. Just a thought.
Good question. You could do it either way. I did the Mahogany bowl that way. I had plenty of access to either side either way. Personal preference I guess...
Wow!!! Your creations are too beautiful! You make me want to learn how to do this stuff and buy equipment and try it out. You are skilled and have a great style also - these are gorgeous!
The lathe is extremely versatile and even more addicting! I love my lathe and have NEVER had any regrets about that purchase. You should look locally for a woodworking supply store and take a simple class to try your hand. If you have any wood turners close by, you would be surprised at how friendly we are, and you would surely be invited to try it out. <br>And thank you for your very special compliments. I really appreciate all of them. <br>
Thanks so much for the information. Is the lathe the main piece of equipment you use? My dad is addicted to tools and building things, etc. and I figured he might even have one - but no such luck! :) I will definitely check on taking a class around here. I love what you've been making - everything is so stunning - amazing how a piece of wood can be totally transformed!
Not exactly. It depends on what I'm in the mood for I guess. Your Father, having a lot of tools would be helpful. You can do quite a bit of stuff with just a lathe but you will spend more in accessories than on the lathe its-self. <br>If you want some more info on it I would be happy to answer any and all your questions. :) <br>
This is just awesome, just love your woodworking skills. Thank you so much for sharing.
Yes I agree 100%! I can't wait to see what you make next!
Working on a Staunton chess set for that board I just finished! :-) <br>
you are very welcome. It's my pleasure!
Fab! Can't wait to turn one!
Thanks. Don't forget to share what you make. ;)
Where's da "OMG, I FREACKIN' LOVE THIS!"-button!? :D
:-D My head is swelling! <br>
Excellent work! your ibles are amazing :)
Thank you very much!
Looks Awesome .. !
Looks great! Thanks
Thank you very much!
Oh, they turned out great! Good job!
Thank you BrittLiv.

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