Dear Steampunks, dear Followers

This time I would like to show you something very simple. A few days ago I had an important date with a friend and my daily worn Steampunk necklace was broken. During the cleanup in my Laboratory I found a nice old vacuum tube from 1948 and a brass nozzle from an old bakery. A new idea was quick born: "The Steampunk Necklace for the Mad Scientist"...

Step 1: The Few Things You Will Need...

To create your own Steampunk necklace you will need a few things:
  • an old vacuum tube, not too big, because the small ones are a lot stronger!!
  • a nozzle from a bakery or a piece of copper tube, may you have some copper fittings in the correct size
  • a leather ribbon or something similar
  • a Hot Glue Gun, sandpaper and a drill machine
I made one similar out of a car headlight, magnets, and leather.
A good idea with the bulb. May I try that too whit a vintage small one. Thanks!
your welcome I used a old burned out bulb from a car so you may be able to get one easy next time you need to replace your headlights
cool I almost bought one but I didnt
simple and cool; I like it... a'lot <br>
Steampunk 4 life
Hey Chocolatist - If you could make this blink, it would be perfect for a 19th Century Rave!;-) Yet another beautifully presented project!
Hey, thanks, good idea for an upgrade!! But I'm definitive to old for &quot;bling bling&quot; :-)
Someone who is neckless would not wear a necklace. <br>
Hi. Thanks a lot for your help. Nobody is perfect :-)

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