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Until recently I thought all bullet shells were made of brass. Apparently you can also find shell casings made of steel. I cut down this .45cal casing, drilled holes, and fitted a piece of polished abalone shell in it. You can read more about polishing abalone here. It especially looks cool in sunlight. Overall It has a 12mm diameter (a penny is 19mm). 


jmabry3 (author)2014-01-03

what did you use to attach the abalone to the casing? superglue?

kgyngard (author)2012-02-01

I was given this piece of beautiful jewlery from my son-in-law and creator of this piece Mrballeng as a Christmas gift this year. It's AWESOME!!! and so is he.
Love MOM

themadjeweler (author)2011-12-24

excellent work mrballeng!

BamaBob (author)2011-12-24

Well, you've done it again - created another beautiful piece of artwork using bullet casings, of all things. I just hope you don't get caught snagging the casings from crime scenes! :-)

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