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Collegiate meals trailblazer trebuchet03 has graduated college, thus rendering him incapable of making a collegiate meal--but not to fear, I am still nowhere near a degree and can therefore pick up the slack. Thus, a gallery of simple (that's the maximum level of cooking I can handle) meals with easy-to-find ingredients (that's the maximum level of ingredient-finding I can handle), many of which are reused again and again (don't want to waste food).

I spent the summer in an apartment with terrible lighting, which made my job more difficult, but somehow I managed to power through. I probably spent more time taking pictures than actually cooking, which should say something about the level of culinary talent required to produce these meals. But I think I also managed to make them look respectable. Well, you know what they say: Cooking is 99% presentation and 50% figuring out how to turn on the stove*.

*They may not actually say this. It's a disputed quote.

These are in chronological order, and they almost definitely improve as time goes on.

Step 1: Pineapple and Asparagus Chicken

PIneapple and asparagus probably shouldn't go together, but I was unfazed. And this dish actually turned out to be pretty tasty--the pineapple makes it sweet, but with not too many other powerful flavors it's not bad at all. Served on a bed of white rice I found in the fridge.

Ingredients: chicken, asparagus, pineapple, rice, salt/pepper.

This chicken was pre-cooked, but it is simple grilled chicken. I think it was bought at the store.

Making asparagus or broccoli is simple and delicious. I did it in most of these dishes. Bring a pot of water to boil and add salt. Put in the uncooked asparagus/broccoli and let it boil for about 10 minutes. Take it out when it's no longer hard--I like it particularly soft, but you can taste your way to perfection.

The pineapple was briefly grilled on a stovetop.

The rice was put in the microwave. For more on cooking rice in the microwave, see Hungry Person: Step 5.
  So easy and it looks soooo good. I'm drooling. Lol.
The plating was superb. Nice to see that collegiate meals don't have to be mac 'n' cheese slopped into a bowl. Like the old saying goes "You eat with your eyes first." Nicely done!
Ocean State job Lot, Big Lots, etc... Usually carry a good selection of spices cheap. There is usally one or two spice blends, like Italian, BBQ, etc. Failing that, try the Grill Mates spices from your local grocery store. Can also marinate for a while in Italian or Cesar salad dressings & bake @ 375 till done.
I like to add season salt to my chicken to keep it from being bland.
Joshf! You have emerged from the wilderness a culinary master!
'Master' is a very strong word.
It's the internet. I can say what I want.
This is all to fancy for me. I just live off hot pockets when I need to make something, but I can make a nice sweet and sour chicken when I have the stuff.
Aha haha! I approve!
Lots of really good ideas. You have come back to us with a vengeance! :D

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