Step 2: Breakfast of Winners

I feel like 'Breakfast of Champions' would be copyrighted.

This one includes scrambled eggs with cheese, grilled ham, and a toasted bagel.

Ingredients: 3 eggs, milk, sliced ham, bagel, margarine, cheese (pick your kind).

To make scrambled eggs, you can look here or follow these simple steps: crack three eggs in a bowl and add a few tablespoons of milk. Beat it. (Too soon? Sorry). Pour into a skillet. Wait until the eggs begin to change consistency, and then chop up the mushy mixture with your spatula. Keep doing this until they are almost firm. Then add the cheese until it's melted. Remove the eggs and then throw the ham on the hot skillet. (Just sliced store ham). Wait until it gets really noisy and then flip it. Don't burn yourself--I'm not liable.

Toast a bagel by taking a bagel and inserting it into a toaster or toaster oven. Apply margarine or butter substitute.

Throw salt and pepper (don't throw--carefully toss) on the eggs.

Serve with Orange Juice or equivalent beverage.
  So easy and it looks soooo good. I'm drooling. Lol.
The plating was superb. Nice to see that collegiate meals don't have to be mac 'n' cheese slopped into a bowl. Like the old saying goes "You eat with your eyes first." Nicely done!
Ocean State job Lot, Big Lots, etc... Usually carry a good selection of spices cheap. There is usally one or two spice blends, like Italian, BBQ, etc. Failing that, try the Grill Mates spices from your local grocery store. Can also marinate for a while in Italian or Cesar salad dressings & bake @ 375 till done.
I like to add season salt to my chicken to keep it from being bland.
Joshf! You have emerged from the wilderness a culinary master!
'Master' is a very strong word.
It's the internet. I can say what I want.
This is all to fancy for me. I just live off hot pockets when I need to make something, but I can make a nice sweet and sour chicken when I have the stuff.
Aha haha! I approve!
Lots of really good ideas. You have come back to us with a vengeance! :D

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