A Summer of [Collegiate Meals]


Step 3: Moons Over Your Hammy

Picture of Moons Over Your Hammy
Back when I used to dine occasionally at Denny's, they had this sandwich called Moons Over My Hammy. I feel like that's copyrighted, too, so this is my version. I didn't have ham this time, just corned beef, so I used that. Hey, these are college meals--you gotta make do with what you have.

Ingredients: 3 eggs, milk, corned beef, rye bread, salt, pepper, cheese (choose your weapon), butter substitute.

Make eggs again (see last step) but don't scramble so much so as to leave some coherence to the eggs.

Toast three pieces rye bread lightly. Butter them lightly.

Take the eggs off and put them on two slices of the bread. Put the corn beef (a few slices) on the hot egg skillet and wait until it starts making noise. Then put that on top of one of the egg-bread combinations. Stack them all together to make a double-decker sandwich.

This turned out to be very delicious, and would probably be equally so with ham instead of corned beef.