A System to Turn on and Off a Sink From Faraway




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Introduction: A System to Turn on and Off a Sink From Faraway

Step 1: Make Bungee Cord Smaller

Grab a bungee cord and make it like photo. How to do it well 1.put bungee cord around thumb then take other hand and strech bungee cord out then make a figure 8 with bungee cord wrap other hole of the 8 around finger then take off bungee cord.

Step 2: But Bungee Cord on Faucet.

Take bungee cord wrap around faucet.Then take one part of bungee cord slide all the way down on handle of faucet.Then take other half of bungee cord wrap on handle of faucet but not all the way down just on top.

Step 3: Make a Lasso in String or Yarn.

Take end of string take the end fold down as far down as the loop you want to go down on faucet. Second tie knot where you brought your end of string down.

Step 4: Put Lasso on Faucet

Take your lasso and put on top of bungee cord.

Step 5: Pull String

Pull end of string then watch the faucet.



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    I had my sting 10 yards it was all the way up in my room

    Not a video

    I'll try to post another video on how to do that

    What if you have a sink knob that you have to turn??