Do you  want a tattoo made by u 4 u well theres only a few simles ways!!!!!!

Step 1: Needed Idems

1. a sharp pencil,
2. a wood-less pencil,
3. Charcoal, color of chose,
4. and corage

get ready!!!!

Step 2: Step 1.

first draw out your pic with the wood-less pencil, make sure it`s exactly the way you want it

Step 3: Step 2.

take the sharp pencil and go over the picture, repeat many, many times,

this wil hurt!!!!

Step 4: Step 3.

next you go over the picture with the charcoal to make it colorful (the color wil not last very long just intill you use water), then sharpen the charcoal with a metal sharpener and rub in the color,


make sure you apply lotion to your new tattoo
Yeah this is not only dangerous and can cause terrible infections, but is just plain dumb. If you want a tattoo that bad save up your cash and go to a reputable shop. Plus the first picture looks horrible scarred and patchy. Please don't try this method.
color me doubtful
Somehow I have have a hard time believing that the tat pictured at the end was done using this method. Any higher resolution/large pics detailing the actual process, or tattoos resulting from this method?
wash daily and put loyion on as soon and lately as posiible

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