Picture of A Thread In Time
This is a project of using Processing to make a non-traditional way to display time progress.

The idea of my design comes from the loom in China. There is an old saying “the years are short, time flies fast when women are weaving cloth.”

The dense threads in the lower part of the window stand for passed hours of the day. Each hour thread is colored in the color of the sky in that time.

When one hour passes, the 60 thick threads (stand for 60 minutes) in the upper part of the window are erased. Then a new line is drawn in the window and the bell ring starts to play.

You can watch the video of this project in Youtube

Link to Youtube
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Step 1: Download and Install

Install Processing from http://www.processing.org/download/
Download Minim library from http://code.compartmental.net/tools/minim/

Step 2: Run your Processing

Picture of Run your Processing
Run it on your computer. Click Sketch ->Show Sketch Folder

Step 3: Rename the project

Picture of Rename the project
Rename your project ‘ThreadInTime’ and create a folder which name is data

Step 4: Copy the image to 'data'

Picture of Copy the image to 'data'
Copy this image to data; we use the color one by one to show the hour line in the project

Step 5: Copy the sound file to 'data'

You should also download an .mp3 file of bell ring and rename it to bell.mp3.  Or you can use the bell.mp3 here
We will play this file when an hour passed

Step 6: Import minim library

Picture of Import minim library

 click Sketch -> Add File and then navigate to the minim library folder you have downloaded. Open all of them

You can check by clicking Sketch ->Show Sketch Folder. There will be a new folder code. Library files are in this folder
very cool, do you have a video demo of this sketch running?
xiaolanwang (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Hi amandaghassaei, I have uploaded a video demo. How do you think about that? Thanks : )
looks great! thanks for the vid