There are lots of things that make the Christmas season wonderful. There are many things that also make it frustrating. The top two...
  1. Untangling Christmas lights and getting those rascals all lit.
  2. Standing a Christmas tree
You're on your own with #1, here's help for #2.

This Instructable is to make a traditional cross-shaped wooden Christmas tree stand--Charlie Brown style. I've used this type for several trees, it works great for small trees (3 to 5 feet) and pretty well for larger trees (up to about 7 feet). For the larger trees, you may need to add angled braces. The "3 easy steps" are...
  1. make the cross
  2. drill holes
  3. attach the tree

Step 1: Make the Cross

  1. First get a board, a 1x2 or 1x4 works fine. Cut it like shown in pic 1.
  2. The lengths depend on your tree size. The lengths pictured are about 10" and 2". I was putting up a very small tree (4 feet tall) so these lengths were fine. For a 7-foot tree, you should go at LEAST 18" for the longer lengths.
  3. Nail the longer pieces into a cross like in pic 2. Make sure the nail tips aren't protruding--they'll scuff the floor.
  4. Flip it over nail the shorter pieces as "feet" so the cross is flat on all fours like pics 3 and 4.
Awesome this is exactly what I needed thanks!!
Perfect! I was just saying I needed a Charlie Brown Christmas tree since I don't have room to put up a whole tree!

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