I have always wanted to have a traditional wooden rocking horse BUT have been put off by the cost, anything from £2000 up to
£8000 !!! Way out of my budget range.

I thought about carving one but worked out the wood alone would cost £100's - again too much.

So I hatched a scheme to make one a LOT cheaper.


1. It had to be big size because my grand daughter is 6
2. It had to be strong enough to hold a reasonable sized adult
3. It had to stand being out side all year round because there was no room in the house.
4. It had to be made from easily available materials I could get in the local DIY and with the hand tools I had.

Step 1:

Impressive, will probably be more thought of than a store bought one because you made it.
I think that is amazing! I think there is nothing better for a kid than a good traditional rocking horse.

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