I like making stuff for kids and came up with a fairly easy treasure map. It can take a long time but overall the project is easy. I want projects to be big and have a lot of little details, the kind that can take years to discover and maybe a little disturbing. 

For this instructable you will need:

Paper: I buy rolls of 70lb art paper from Utrecht. Roll out a bit over 2 feet and cut. You can do as small as a sheet of 8.5"x11" if you want but this is the best size because you will need lots of space for your images. The edges of the map will be uneven and torn in the end but we aren't on that step yet so don't worry about it.

Scissors: to cut the paper from the roll.

Acrylic Paints: art tubes or craft bottles it doesn't matter. When painting the finer details you do want it to be heavier though so a mix of both is what I used. 

Permanent Markers: I used sharpie brand but anything permanent, both fine and thick tipped If you aren't sure if they are permanent test by writing with one and then spray with water and see if it runs.

Spray bottle full of water

An Iron: 
(optional really but I recommend using one).

A Copy Shop That Laminates

Dry Erase Markers

**I will be updating with more information when I get questions and feedback and user testing **

Step 1: Paper!

Spray the paper with water, just enough to mist over the whole thing and give it a minute to get all up in the fibers. Yeah son, like that. Take the paper and crumple it into a ball. Be careful not to rip because it's now damp and easier to accidentally do that.

While still wet you have to now flatten the ball. Take your time and do this carefully. If you rip you will have to decide if it the hole or tear will be a part of the map.

Mistakes are always ok. If you keep going with them you have more options in deciding if they fit in with the map.

Love your art.

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