Step 6: Classification and Storage

You can do what you want, it's your stuff, but it helps to classify it and store it so you can find something if you need it. For want of a better system, I recommend sorting your collection into the following groups: Metal stuff, plastic stuff, paper and wood stuff, tools, actualhardware, and everything else. You can further divide it into sub-categories but it's probably best if you don't. While searching for one thing, you may well encounter something else that works even better.

A friend of mine once invented the universal solvent; it would dissolve anything, He just couldn't find anything to keep it in. (<= JOKE)
Same thing here, you have all these neat things, you can't just throw it in a pile. You have to have something to keep it in. How about:
peanut butter jars, oatmeal boxes, plastic jugs, Gatorade bottles, Altoid tins, egg cartons, ice cube trays, cookie tins, pill bottles, plastic cups, detergent bottles, and a lot more.
The silica gel packets are great to drop into a drawer that is holding steel tools. They help prevent rust.
i do the same thing i have collections of random parts pieces and components that are seemingly garbage but i am hopeful that one day they will be useful- and occasionally they are. and i store them in plastic containers from various products that otherwise would have ended up in the trash
Kindred spirits abound. That's why we love Instructables!
Im up there with rimar. There's a show on cable called hacking with hackett, he calls this kind of free and found stuff obtainium, as much as I like that word I changed it to possibilium because it fits my usage more. Possibilium was one of the most popular words during this years Haunt build and has slid into the vocabulary of many of our builders &quot; go to the possibilium piles and find something that will make this work&quot; .. really neat &quot;ible&quot;
I love both words and plan on sprinkling them into my conversations. Thanks!
You and me are two kindred spirits. But I think I'm worse! ;)
I don't know - you'd have to be really bad to be more of a pack rat than I am!

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