Introduction: A Universal Format for StereoGraphic Images?

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The standard image viewing software on computers may solve one viewer problem.
Sending more than two images may solve the other CES vs PES viewer problem.

Step 1:

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A stereographic image can be downloaded off a web page.

Step 2:

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Mac instructions follow. On a PC, first open with a picture viewer.

Step 3:

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Will get something like this.

Step 4:

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Open the same image up again using Paint.

Step 5:

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Should get something like this.

Step 6:

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The image can be scaled inside paint like so.

Step 7:

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Grap and position the Picture viewer over the paint window and resize it until both images are the same width.

Step 8:

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Now align the Windows Picture Viewer image to the edge of the Paint image.

Step 9:

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Use your normal stereographic viewing method and the center images should all come out in various forms of 3D.

Step 10:

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By sending three images, one center image will work for PES and the other for CES.

Step 11:

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On a mac the method is slightly different.

Step 12:

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On a mac first double click one file, then double click the other file. Then scale and align from there.


copycat42 (author)2009-02-18

i never can get pes to work. ces is natural for me. great instructable.

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