Picture of A VERY Strong K'nex bow an Arrow
This is my first k'nex weapon after a passage down the ipod stand road. This bow uses 19 pieces excluding ammo. This bow can penetrate cardboard! (just penetrate, not go through). The prototype was made from my friend cj81499's knex. He has one too.

Step 1: Parts list.

Picture of Parts list.
These are all the parts you will need to gather. They are all in basic form except for the orange ones.
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bbennett103 years ago
I put a handle on so i have some where to grab
Can I see where? 'cause it is hard to hold.
bbennett103 years ago
can i also repost mods the the bow and arrow for people to see
jceason4 years ago
do the ammo has to be orange
no the orange rods are the EXACTE same as the grey ones, just a different colour
well 20 mins. later i built it and it works amazing and it is the best bow and arrow i've ever built and i also made some mods that made it excelent
i think it looks cool but can it hold ammo by its self
Sorry, 2*
NYPA (author)  Serial-Cricket6 years ago
jceason NYPA4 years ago
I give it *5!!
I rated it 4.0*
DJ Radio NYPA6 years ago
Pure power just doesn't cut it anymore. The fact that it's only 22 parts doesn't help either.
NYPA (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
does the fact that it goes 80 feet help?
DJ Radio NYPA6 years ago
NYPA (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
then what does count?
DJ Radio NYPA6 years ago
well, something new gets it bonus points.
NYPA (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
isn't this new? where's the processer?
DJ Radio NYPA6 years ago
NYPA (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
ok. does this get any points?
jceason4 years ago
Where do you get the orange rods?
sukinmaru4 years ago
I actually quite like this! 5* for the fact that there are few bows on this site!
UberBen565 years ago
If you attach a yellow semi circle connector to the end of the "arrows" right in the center of the connector, the arrows will spin and be stable in flight, increasing accuracy. This will shave off a little range, though.
donut hole5 years ago
wow! I cracked a window with this! (on accident, of course) Incredible
NYPA (author)  donut hole5 years ago
Umm... Cool?
the knexman5 years ago
can it fire anything rods with things on e.g a grey rod with a red connector on
the knexman5 years ago
legend bow i fired it over 50 feet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NYPA (author) 5 years ago
Geeze, 1,000 views.
antmania15 years ago
it works!
NYPA (author)  antmania15 years ago
chillpill115 years ago
i had a handle at the tip for better feel and better grip
NYPA (author)  chillpill115 years ago
wientie1126 years ago
i tought it wouldnt go as hard as you say but i build it because i was bored and it went ******* hard
awesome bow:)
NYPA (author)  wientie1126 years ago
glugnar6 years ago
i love this bow <3 :]
NYPA (author)  glugnar6 years ago
glugnar6 years ago
this is sweet i put a small rubber band on mine and pulled it back really far and it went through cardboard! All the way through!
NYPA (author)  glugnar6 years ago
Thank you!
NYPA (author) 6 years ago
you push the rod in from the tip of it. then it will catch it.
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